Moisturizing Body Milk Lotions Is All You 

Moisturizing Body Milk Lotions is all your skin needs. There is nothing more beautiful than a fine shower or bath. Somehow it relaxes and washes away all worries. It also helps to have a great shower gel or bath bombs to make it as beautiful as possible. After a relaxing bath or shower, it’s time to nourish your skin….

Botanic Expert Lotion Eveline Review

Botanic Expert Lotion Eveline is based on unique active body glow formula. This lotion made me especially happy because it was a gift. A wonderful gift from my sister. She knows exactly what I love and what I will like. So I already discovered at the beginning that I like the lotion. But don’t give up…

Argan Oil Body Lotion By Ziaja Review

Argan Oil Body Lotion is a lotion for very dry and dehydrated skin. If you follow my blog at all, you know that Ziaja is one of my favorite skincare brand. I am quite obsessed with their products. You know that feeling when you just have to have all their products.😁 I come to the…

5 Body Lotions For Smooth,Soft Skin

Body Lotion is a product that is extremely important to me. Above all, I like to pay extra attention to my skin.Therefore,  I use products that will keep my skin soft and smooth.To keep your skin in good condition, in addition to body lotions, there are also scrubs. Here is a link to 5 great products….

Body lotion NEUTROGENA With Nordic Berry

Body lotion NEUTROGENA With Nordic Berry is something we will talk about today. This product caught my eye. Our skin requires a lot of attention.Sometimes it is dry due to external conditions. And sometimes because we don’t drink enough water.Whatever the reason, body lotions are a great way to help our skin. We need something…

Review Nature Box-Avocado body lotion

So … Nature Box? As soon as I heard the words – no artificial colorants, no silicones, no paraben, it was like music to my ears. I visited their site and between the shampoos, the shower gels I noticed the avocado body lotion with 100% cold pressed avocado oil, valuable vitamins,anti-oxidants,vegan….Of course, I bought it….