Argan Oil Body Lotion By Ziaja Review

Argan Oil Body Lotion is a lotion for very dry and dehydrated skin. If you follow my blog at all, you know that Ziaja is one of my favorite skincare brand. I am quite obsessed with their products. You know that feeling when you just have to have all their products.😁 I come to the…

5 Body Lotions For Smooth,Soft Skin

Body Lotion is a product that is extremely important to me. Above all, I like to pay extra attention to my skin.Therefore,  I use products that will keep my skin soft and smooth.To keep your skin in good condition, in addition to body lotions, there are also scrubs. Here is a link to 5 great products….

Body lotion NEUTROGENA With Nordic Berry

Body lotion NEUTROGENA With Nordic Berry is something we will talk about today. This product caught my eye. Our skin requires a lot of attention.Sometimes it is dry due to external conditions. And sometimes because we don’t drink enough water.Whatever the reason, body lotions are a great way to help our skin. We need something…

Review Nature Box-Avocado body lotion

So … Nature Box? As soon as I heard the words – no artificial colorants, no silicones, no paraben, it was like music to my ears. I visited their site and between the shampoos, the shower gels I noticed the avocado body lotion with 100% cold pressed avocado oil, valuable vitamins,anti-oxidants,vegan….Of course, I bought it….