Coconut Milk Hair Mask DIY

Coconut Milk Hair Mask is a mask you must try, a simple recipe for damaged hair. Coconut milk is milk that I do not normally use in cooking but use it in DIY recipes. I never actually tried that milk in food, did you? Leave a comment below. This milk is extremely healthy for our […]

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Glowing skin With Rice Mask DIY

Glowing skin remedy-yes, in short this is what we all seek and want. We all strive to make our skin radiant, always youthful, and fresh. There is nothing more beautiful than feeling comfortable in our own skin. We all love makeup, but before makeup, it`s crucial to take care of the face. Why? Because primers and powders won’t […]

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Lip Scrub Lemon And Sugar DIY

Lip Scrub Lemon And Sugar is an easy way to keep your lips exfoliated and soft. So,Lemon is a food item with probably the longest list of positive effects on our health. I always make sure that I have a couple of lemons in the house, you never know when you’ll need it. “If life […]

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Yogurt Hair Mask DIY

Yogurt Hair Mask is something you will want to do for your hair. Oh man, I love, love, love yogurt. I even tried to make yogurt at home and I can tell you that it is excellent, not too strong. Best of all is when you do it yourself you know what you put inside, […]

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