Color Protect Mane ‘n Tail Shampoo

Color Protect shampoo is what we’re going to talk about today.But first, something about the current situation. My dear people, take care of yourself and your loved ones. Instead of collecting toilet paper, wash your hands and reduce contact with larger groups. Now is the time to act responsibly. Of course, there will always be […]

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Catrice Plumping Lipstick Gel Review

This time I decided to try Catrice Plumping Lipstick Gel. I need some shine, color, and softness,that is to say, this is exactly what I need. This Catrice lipstick Gel collection sounded very appealing to me. And I have to admit that the person in me who longs for nice things said “yes,yes buy it”.Currently, […]

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Hair Creme L’Oreal Excellence

Hair Creme L’Oreal Excellence came to me with a recommendation. I’m not at home. I’m with my grandmother right now, and so when I packed, I tried to bring everything I need. In all this, I forgot to buy a hair dye. As time went by my roots became very evident. I called my advisor […]

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Schwarzkopf Pure color-review

Schwarzkopf Pure color is a hair color I could hardly wait to try. Hello, my beautiful people. I hope you all have a very nice week. Today I’m going to talk about hair color. This summer I wanted to get a little stronger hair color, maybe red or dark red. Although I didn’t dare to […]

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