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Wet n Wild Impossible Primer is mattifying and hydrating?

Oh boy, oh boy, I have so many opinions about this product. The whole time I was thinking about how to start. So let’s start first with why I bought this. I read that this blurs the pores, and I have never had such a product. It occurred to me that, this primer would be ideal to apply before the CC or BB cream. That is the main reason, and the other additions are just nice bonuses. (I don’t often apply powders, I mainly apply CC or BB-tinted creams.)

Wet n Wild Impossible Primer

While I was looking for a product that would meet my needs, this one appeared on the screen. After long reading about it and nice reviews, I ordered it. This is a brand that I also love. I love their lipsticks.

So let’s see what surprised me so much here.

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Wet n Wild Impossible Primer 

  • Wet n Wild Impossible Primer is formulated with Jeju Blossom Extract
  •  a perfect base for makeup
  •  keep your skin calm and moisturized
  • smooths out your complexion, blurs lines, and provides a soft matte that works perfectly
  • Cruelty-Free
  • SILICONE-FREE primer
  • blurs the appearance of pores for a flawless soft-focus look
  • deeply hydrating primer

How To Use:

  • use this primer as the first step in your makeup routine
  • or wear it on its own for natural luminance
  • apply a thin layer of primer over your sunscreen and under your makeup



Wet n Wild Impossible Primer is a beautiful light pink color. The product has the words Impossible Primer written in large silver letters. All of that together looks very tempting. There is 25ml of the product inside.

Stiff clear gel

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The texture is like a very stiff clear gel, but there is no silicone in it. The primer has a transparent, cloudy color with a distinct coconut scent. I have to admit that I find the texture very unusual. At first glance, it’s solid, but when you apply it to the skin, it’s kind of watery. Super weird.

Feeling on the skin

As I said, the texture itself is unusual. I dropped it on the floor 5 times. Every time I try to put it on my finger, it breaks off and slides down. Very frustrating. This doesn’t even have to be the product’s fault, maybe it’s just me.

I don’t like this coconut scent, it’s very intense. When applied to the face, the smell lingers in my nose for a long time. 

So I will have to use the pros and cons here.

Cooling effect on the skin


  • firstly, it hydrates the skin nicely, and it doesn’t leave an oily residue
  • secondly, the skin is matte and not shiny
  • no silicone
  • it has a cooling effect on the skin
  • above all, I didn’t get any irritation
Touch in SOL – No Poreblem Primer – 30ml – $18.39
from: Stylevana


  • in my opinion, this is not a primer but more of a cream
  • further, it doesn’t blur pores (and that’s why I bought this)

I tried applying a thicker layer. Then it has that blurring effect, but it also builds up. So it becomes impossible to apply foundation or anything else.

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In conclusion, I can’t say completely that it is a bad product. I will use it as a light moisturizer. But since it doesn’t have that blurring effect, I think the product is wrongly described. So I was slightly disappointed because I was expecting that effect.

Alima Pure Balancing Mineral Primer Powder – $26.00
from: Blissoma Holistic Skincare

I still love this brand. Further, I think they have excellent, affordable products. And it’s okay that we don’t like certain products. Above all, we all have different skin types, different desires, and different expectations. If you don’t struggle with enlarged pores, you’ll probably love this. And if you have large pores, look for the same thing as me, then avoid this.

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2 responses to “Wet n Wild Impossible Primer Review”

  1. fabricthatmademe Avatar

    I use to use primer but had to stop because it was breaking me out! I loved how it made my skin so smooth with my BB cream over it but the break outs! I wish I could get over that!

    1. Didi Avatar

      This is the first time I’ve used a primer and it didn’t meet my expectations, maybe I’ll try something new now. Some ingredient is bothering you, now the question is witch one.

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