Pink Oxygen Bubble Mask 7th Heaven Review

Pink Oxygen Bubble Mask 7th Heaven did I mention it’s pink?

If you follow me then you know I love this kind of stuff. This time I was attracted not only by bubbles but also by the fact that it is pink. Of course, like many products, I grabbed this in passing. I bought pink and green. I asked my friends on Insta which one they wanted first. Pink had a convincing lead over the green.

Pink Oxygen Bubble Mask 7th Heaven

The two masks differ not only in their effect but also in their ingredients. And like most masks, I put this one on while I was taking photos. For me, it’s the best time when I can do two things. And those two are skincare and work. I never told you that sometimes it takes me 3 hours to take one beautiful photo. Since I’m not a pro, that means I have to work harder. And so, with all that, my favorite thing is to put on a mask to work its magic.

So let’s go on that adventure called bubbles, shall we?

Mask With Bubble Effect The Beauty Mask

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Pink Oxygen Bubble Mask 7th Heaven

  • with Grapefruit and mixed with juicy Raspberry
  • exposed to air it bubbles and foams to leave skin fresh and clean
  • Pink Oxygen Bubble Mask 7th Heaven is vegan
  • Cruelty-Free
  • for normal, combo, and dry skin
  • Refreshing and Detoxifying
Refreshing Grapefruit

How To Use:

  • cleanse and dry your face
  • before opening, massage the sachet to ‘activate’ bubbles
  • apply and relax for 5-10 minutes then remove
  • massage any bubbles on the face then rinse off
Dr. Pore Tightening Pink Clay Facial Mask (100ml)(Renewal) – $11.00
from: Althea Inc.


Well, by the looks of it, this is wonderful. The package is attractive with pink color, which is an excellent marketing trick. You’re simply interested in what it’s like and what it’s like inside.

Pink Mask

Easy to open and apply. The mask starts to foam quickly and there is a lot of foam, but I mean a lot. Nothing drips around, which is great for me. But… What is unusual for me? The mask foams a lot on the outside, but not so much on the inside. It’s a bit strange because it feels nicer when the bubbles are on the skin.

Bubbles Everywhere

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The smell of this product is nice, like grapefruit, and I love that smell. Interestingly, I hate eating grapefruit but, I love that smell. I’m very complicated sometimes.🤣

The feeling on the skin

After I removed the mask, I massaged the rest onto my skin. After that, I washed my face with lukewarm water. It washes off very easily, and my face feels clean. But it doesn’t end there.

Bubble Fun

After that, I felt a tightening. That uncomfortable tightening of the skin. I applied serum and moisturizer, but I still had that feeling. Although I don’t like it, I found out that some people like it. Well, if you like such things, then this is for you. 

7th Heaven Face Mask Pink Cactus and Clay

Deep Purifying Black O2 Bubble Mask 1 Sheet (20g) – $1.00
from: Althea Inc.


While this was fun, I don’t think it’s for my skin type. I don’t understand why this is not for oily skin. Because, it doesn`t contain any oils and doesn`t leave a greasy film. I think it removes all the oils from the face. So I wouldn’t recommend this for dry skin.

Facial Mask 7th Heaven

But that’s just my opinion.

This won’t stop me from trying things like this. What can I say, bubbles make me happy. And in life, we should do what makes us happy. Because life is too short, right?

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