L’Oréal Cool Blondes 9.12 Review

L’Oréal Cool Blondes 9.12 translucent gel formula!

Yes, I will dye my hair myself. Before, when I had darker hair, I used to do that more often. But if you’ve ever been blonde, then you know that it’s a little harder to achieve at home. Sometimes even hairdressers make mistakes. A hairdresser fried my hair. To the extent that the hair dye didn’t want to stick to my hair anymore. She was confused and did not know what was happening. Later, I found out that this can happen if your hair is very damaged. It took me 2 years to fix everything. There it is, my little horror story.🙄

L’Oréal Cool Blondes 9.12

When I saw that this hair dye had arrived, I decided to try it. And not only that, I let the roots of my hair grow longer. So you can see exactly what the hair dye is like. Anyways, let’s go on that adventure. Keep your fingers crossed, I hope I won’t be disappointed.

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L’Oréal Cool Blondes 9.12

  • blonde shade with luminous cool reflects
  • L’Oréal Cool Blondes 9.12 contains precious shine oil and shine protect conditioner
  • enriched with a UV filter and Vitamin E derivative to preserve the shine of your colored hair for up to 8 weeks
  • with a sensorial fragrance for an improved experience at the application
  • always do your 48-hour patch test
Colored hair for up to 8 weeks


  • mix the shine oil immediately into the color
  • nourishing mask enriched with purple dyes that neutralize yellow undertones week after week
  • apply the mask to keep your blonde cool for up to 6 weeks
Shiseido – Tsubaki – Premium Repair Hair Mask/180g – $11.49
from: Stylevana


L’Oréal Cool Blondes 9.12 box is classic and beautiful. When the hair dye is mixed, it becomes quite a liquid mixture. It surprised me quite a bit. Otherwise, the hair dyes are a little thicker. I don’t know what to think about that.

Hair dye

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This both smells nice and stinks of chemicals at the same time.😅Now I know I confused you with this one. This smells nice, but you still get an intense chemical smell too. Be sure to be careful how you apply this to your hair. Because it is liquid, it can end up all over the bathroom. That was the case with me. I have very long hair, and long hair and liquid cream do not go well. Or have a sister, mom, or friend do it for you. That would be the easiest solution.

NatureLab – Moist Diane Perfect Beauty Extra Moist & Shine Hair Mask – 150ml – $17.19
from: Stylevana


I have to point this out first, I used this on dry hair. But only later did I read what they wrote “BEFORE APPLICATION, WET AND TOWEL DRY YOUR HAIR – DO NOT WASH IT. ” So, be smarter and read the instructions.

I first applied it to the roots and kept it like that for 15 minutes.

The hair is nicely soaked with two boxes

After that, I applied it all over my hair and left it on for another 20 minutes.

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I have to say that it only stung where I was scratching the day before. Lesson number two is don’t scratch your scalp. Especially not before coloring your hair.

As I rinsed this from my hair, I felt that it was damaged. I knew it would be because this is a hair dye. But the hair is like I used bleach. I must emphasize that I have an oily scalp and dry hair. If you have very damaged hair, expect that this will damage it even more.

Purple hair mask

After washing, I put on a purple mask. I kept it for 5 minutes and washed it off. It is interesting that the mask is purple and the foam is blue.😯Do you see blue too or is it just me??????

After the mask, the hair is so soft and beautiful, as if I hadn’t dyed it. I like this mask.

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1. before / 2. after
1. before / 2. after

After the hair dried, I saw that the root was still a little darker. But that didn’t bother me because I liked how it all turned out in the end. But somehow it seems to me that the color washed off very quickly. After that, the root darkened a little more. And the whole hair was somehow yellow. I don’t know, I took photos of everything for you, so decide for yourself if it’s good.

After 3 weeks

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I might buy this hair dye again, and try applying it to wet hair. Just to make sure I didn’t make a mistake in the steps. But I will think twice because it dried out the ends of my hair. What do you think? Have you ever bought such hair dyes?

Does this seem like a success or failure to you?

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    • Yes, it is quite runny, but you know what, because of that, it spreads easily on the hair. One box could even be enough for me , but yes I made a big mess in the bathroom 😂😂😂😂😂

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