Syoss Shampoos And Conditioners Review

Syoss Shampoos And Conditioners that I have tried recently.

Right at the beginning, I have to explain something. At the beginning of the year, I bought Sayoss shampoo Pure Volume-Mizellen-Shampoo Silikonfree. So, I didn’t make a review because I forgot to take a photos of the product. I know, terribly stupid of me. I, who take photos of everything alive, forgot that in this case. But to justify myself a little, I was on vacation in Croatia. But now I will write that I was delighted with it. And I was so delighted that I told myself I would use this all the time from now on.

Syoss Shampoos And Conditioners

But as always I ran into a problem. I couldn’t find this anywhere anymore.😒 I looked in local drugstores, and on Amazon, but nothing. I was like what the hell is going on?🤔

But since I had to buy something, I tried other shampoos from this brand and, oh boy. It was an adventure. If you are interested in whether it is positive or negative, stay with me until the end.

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Syoss Shampoos And Conditioners

1.Syoss Volume Shampoo 

  • for fine and flat hair
  • the purple rice formula contains 0% silicone and does not weigh hair down
  • for up to 48 hours of long-lasting volume and anti-flat effect
Syoss Shampoo Volume

Firstly, this smells like a man’s perfume to me. That was the first thing I didn’t like. Secondly, it cleaned my scalp nicely, but it dried out my hair. You know that feeling when you wash your hair and it’s all stiff? That’s how it was after this shampoo. After I dried my hair, there was no significant volume. And the worst thing is that my scalp was very, very itchy. It was so itchy that I got tiny dandruff.

So I gave up on this one and bought another shampoo of theirs.

Max Green Alchemy – Scalp Rescue Shampoo – $17.99
from: Blissoma Holistic Skincare

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2. Syoss Full Hair 5

  • specially developed for fine and flat hair
  • above all, density, volume, strength, anti-breakage, and root stimulation
  • with Asian-inspired and line-specific ingredients Tiger Gras
  • vegan
  • 90% naturally derived ingredients
Full Hair 5

This one was a little better, but only a little. First of all, it smells better than the previous one. And it doesn’t dry out the hair either. So what’s the problem, you ask? As if it leaves a film over the hair. The hair is heavy, I can freely say somewhat oily, lifeless. No volume, just oiliness. This shampoo also gave me an itchy scalp. After these shampoos, my scalp was like an anthill. I scratched my sculp as if I had bugs in my hair.

SOME BY MI – Cica Peptide Anti Hair Loss Derma Scalp Shampoo – 285ml – $24.69
from: Stylevana

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1. Syoss Repair

  • for dry and damaged hair
  • hair feels smooth and deeply nourished
  • specific ingredient Wakame Algae
  • * in combination with SYOSS REPAIR Shampoo 
Syoss Shampoos And Conditioners Repair

So, that male scent again. I don’t know why they stuck to that scent, but I don’t like it. Second, the conditioner didn’t do anything. It says above that it should be used with Sayoss Repair shampoo. 

And I used it with the above shampoos. Although my opinion is that if it is good, it will work with any shampoo. But of course, that’s just my opinion.

2. Syoss Renew 7

  • makes your hair easy to detangle and nourishes it
  • repairs both mechanical and chemical damage
  • improves the structure of the hair
  • specially developed for multi-damaged hair
  • above all, this is a specific ingredient Water Lily
Syoss Conditioner Renew 7

And this is the only product I liked. The texture is thick, although I still don’t like how it smells. Leaves hair soft and easy to detangle. Even now, I use it in combination with another shampoo from another brand.

Shiseido – Tsubaki Premium Repair Conditioner – 490ml – $10.69
from: Stylevana

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This just goes to show that you shouldn’t judge a brand because of a few bad experiences. As you can see, my first experience was extremely positive. And then I came across a couple of products that did not suit me.

I have another shampoo of theirs to try. But I will wait until my scalp recovers a bit. And yes, I will continue to look for Sayoss shampoo from the beginning of the story. That product gave everything, I had volume, fluffy light hair without itching, and that’s all I want. 

Have you ever tried this brand?

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