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3 Necessary Skincare Products Selected by Instagram.

I thought for a long time about how to write the title of this post. Well, now I’ll explain why. I asked my friends on Instagram an interesting question. If you could only keep three products, what would they be? Is it facial cream, serum, or maybe natural oil…

3 Necessary Skincare Products

I was surprised at how many responses I got. And even more, almost every answer mentions the same products. So, let’s see which are the 3 Necessary Skincare Products according to Insta friends.

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3 Necessary Skincare Products

1. Cleaner

So, are you as surprised as I am? I was surprised that this was the most popular answer. But almost every person mentioned it in the answer.

Further, facial cleanser is important in the skincare routine, this removes dirt, accumulated oil, and make-up from the skin. It also refreshes the skin and unclogs the pores. It is important to find a product that suits your skin type. So choose wisely.

Facial cleanser refreshes the skin and unclogs the pores

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I have to emphasize something here. Some people who don’t wear makeup think they don’t need to clean their faces. That is completely wrong. Even if you don’t wear make-up, there is dirt that accumulates on your face during the day. This should be cleaned, and the skin should be allowed to breathe overnight.

A little tip:
  • do not forget the neck, it also needs care
  • above all, wipe your face gently, without rough rubbing
  • do not use water that is too hot

2. Serums

Honestly, I thought this would be in the first place. Serums have flourished lately. You can see an advertisement for this almost everywhere. I have personally tried quite a few of these products. And I agree with my Insta friends. They are an important part of the skincare routine.

Serums have flourished lately

You can apply the serum after cleansing. They penetrate the skin and allow the active ingredients to do their work. As I said, there are a lot of them on the market. Choose wisely which one is right for you. Read what is written on the product. And don’t forget to do a little allergy test.

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My tips:
  • in addition, apply the serum with your fingertip
  • tap gently until the product is absorbed

3. Face cream

We all have this at home. Or at least I hope we all have it. I can’t do without this. And apparently, most of my friends think so too. 

What kind of creams do I buy? For me, everything depends on the season. In winter, I choose fattier, richer types of cream. Something, that will hydrate my skin a lot. During the winter, my skin is drier and more sensitive. And in the summer, I’m still looking for hydration. But then I choose lighter creams, still moisturizing, but not too oily.

Use SPF throughout the year

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Important tip:
  • firstly, get to know your skin
  • secondly, use SPF throughout the year
  • further, create your skincare routine
  • and, don’t forget number 1
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I think I will continue to do questions like this on Instagram in the future. So, if you don’t follow me, go and follow Didi`s not so secret diary. I look forward to seeing you there.

I hope you enjoyed this post. And that you learned something, if nothing, I hope it wasn’t boring. I have to emphasize that this is just my opinion. And that I am not an expert.

If you want more posts like this, comment below. And if you have any questions feel free to ask.

I wish you a lovely day beauties. ❤️

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