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Castor Oil Beauty Benefits you need in your life.

Have you ever heard of this amazing oil? I heard about this often, and I don’t know why it took me so long to buy it. Right now I’m crazy about the oils I can put on my hair. But, reading a lot about this, I realized that it can be put on the lashes and eyebrows.

Castor Oil Beauty Benefits You Need In Your Life

Shall I tell you something about my eyebrows? Well, they don’t grow at all. They grow in length but the eyebrows themselves are thin. I haven’t plucked them in years, but they have stubbornly decided not to grow. It annoys me.

So I decided to buy Castor Oil. In the sea of oil, I chose Bionoble Organic Castor Oil. Keep reading because I chose a very interesting brand.

Castor Oil Beauty Benefits

Firstly, in ancient Greece, castor oil was used as a body ointment and to improve hair growth. This plant looks very interesting with spikes that contain oil-rich seeds. The oil of this plant has a very dense texture. I’ve noticed that a lot of people in the reviews say the oil is very thick so it’s not good. That’s not true. This oil should be very thick. It is rich and dense but easily smeared in texture. It is viscous and can be a little sticky so it is often combined with other lighter oils.

Castor Plant

You can use it for nail strengthening, and skincare. Yes, it’s great even for the beard. It is used as an anti-dandruff treatment as well. As you can see it is good for the whole body. And below is the brand that is my favorite when it comes to castor oil.

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SOLVED SKINCARE – Jojoglow (jojoba oil) – 30ml
from: Stylevana

Bionoble Organic Castor Oil

  • you get an 8-ml mascara and funnel set
  •  it is easy to apply and it allows you to maintain your eyelashes and eyebrows for a long-lasting effect
  • highest quality
  • certified organic and is cold-pressed without the addition of chemicals
  • packed in a recyclable brown glass bottle and comes with a glass pipette and pump to ensure easy of use
  • Bionoble is a French brand
Castor Oil 100% Pure
Tick, Rich Oil

I love this because the package is great. Not only do you get oil but you also get a pump, and an eyelash and eyebrow brush as well. It’s amazing how many things you get in one package. I was so glad when this arrived at my address. Honestly, I doubted if everything would be as it says in the description. But it’s all arrived, and I couldn’t be happier.

5 Best Cleansers For All Skin Types

Blissoma Smart, spa-quality natural skincare. Certified Cruelty-Free and Vegan and use a strict palette of intensively nutritious botanical ingredients.
Ylang Ylang Extra Essential Oil


In short, I use this daily. Sometimes I put a little on the ends of my hair, but be careful not to overdo it. Because if you overdo it, your hair can be greasy. Twice a week I massage this into my scalp and leave it on overnight.

Bionoble Castor Oil

When I take off the nail polish, I apply oil to my hands and around my nails. I leave it like that for at least an hour. As for the eyebrows, I often apply this with a brush. Since the oil is thick, it stays on the eyebrows and does not drip into the eyes. As you can see, castor oil is amazing.

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  1. Mimie Mailumo Avatar

    Wow… I’ve honestly heard a lot about castor oil. I need to try it out! Great post 👍

    1. Didi Avatar

      Thanks lovely 💗 I hope you try, it’s great❤️

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