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Garnier Olive Oil Mask Ultimate Blends is a nourishing hair treatment.

Ever since I bleached my hair I think I’ve tried a lot of treatments. Although I cut my hair ends regularly, I still need help. Bleaching either damages the hair or dries it out. So the hair becomes lifeless and dry.

Garnier Olive Oil Mask Ultimate Blends

And I can’t let that happen. I love when my hair looks beautiful. But I think all of us women love it. Whether we have long or short hair, it is important to have healthy hair.

I must emphasize that I have long hair. And lately, my hair has started to curl. So something strange is happening. If you know what this is about, leave a comment below.

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This product I bought myself is not PR / GIFT. The site contains links for affiliate marketing.

Garnier Olive Oil Mask

  • extra care to dry and brittle hair
  • replenishing hydrating effect to thirsty hair without weighing it down
  • visibly smoother and moisturized hair
  • shine and silkiness
  • with Olive Oil and Safflower Seed Oil
  • Olive Oil leaves strands strong, glossy, and resilient
  • ultra-rich mask
  • applying it once or twice a week
Visibly Smoother And Moisturized Hair

How To Use:

  • use Garnier Olive Oil Mask after shampooing your hair
  • further, apply an appropriate amount of the product to the ends of your hair
  • massaging it in for maximum absorption
  • wait for it to act for about three minutes
  • after that, rinse thoroughly


This packaging is dark green, which reminds me of olives. Inside is a 300ml hair mask, that’s a very nice amount. I noticed that almost all Garnier masks are quite large.

Garnier Rich Mask

When you open the plastic lid, you will be greeted by a dense texture. But I mean thick, rich texture. It amazed me. I don’t think I’ve ever had a mask like this before. Somehow I already knew that this was something special.

Ultra-Rich Mask

It smells nice and mild. I can’t tell exactly what it smells like. It’s as if I smell a faint smell of oil in the background. But the first note is something fruity, or so it seems to me.

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Feeling on the hair

Since the mask is so rich, it adheres very well to the hair. Firstly, I grabbed a nice amount of the product and massaged it into my hair. Secondly, I applied the product everywhere except on the scalp. 

I let it work for 3-5 minutes. Why 5 minutes? So I wanted to give the product time to work.

Mask For Dry And Brittle Hair

Already when rinsing, I felt that my hair was very, very soft. And not only was it soft but also untangled. And that is an immediate sign to me that the product is great. When the hair dried it was soft and shiny.

Otherwise, I only comb my hair before washing it. This time I tried combing when my hair was dry. And I could comb my hair without any problems.

Already after the first wash, I called the sisters to tell them about this.

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It’s no secret that I’m a big fan of Garnier products. But this mask really surprised and thrilled me. It’s hard to maintain blonde hair so I always use products with a slight dose of suspicion. This surprised me for another reason. The product is great and the price is even better.

And what more could a woman want than an affordable hair treatment?

Have you ever tried this? Which mask do you think is the best?

If you have dry, dull, brittle hair, then this is definitely for you.

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