Nivea Rose Touch Moisturizing Cream Review

Nivea Rose Touch Moisturizing Cream with the delicate fragrance of organic rose water.

Nivea in my hands again. Ah, that is something wonderful. If you follow my blog then you know I love this brand. And I’ve been keeping an eye on this cream with rose water for a long time. And I knew that time would come when I would buy it.

I’ve been using it for about a month now. And I can finally tell you about this. Plus I ordered a lot more things I want to tell you about. So I hope you remember my little blog.

Nivea Rose Touch Moisturizing Cream

Let me just mention that this is not a sponsored post. I bought the product myself and these are my thoughts and opinions.

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Nivea Rose Touch Moisturizing Cream 

  • the fast-absorbing light gel texture
  • gives a fresh feeling
  • the delicate fragrance of organic rose water
  • with Organic Rose Water and Hyaluronic Acid
Soft And Smooth Skin
  • further, hydrates skin for 48 hours leaving skin feeling refreshed, soft and smooth
  • light and fast-absorbing
  • above all, suitable for all skin types
  • apply every morning and evening on a cleansed face
  • for soft and smooth skin
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The packaging is very nice gentle white pink color. Here you will get 50ml of cream. The cream is in plastic packaging. I’m not sure I like that. I love when the creams are in glass packaging. Under the plastic cover, there is a metal protective cover. That’s great for me. I know the cream is well protected that way.

Hydrates Skin For 48 Hours

The product have a very delicate pink color, it looks soft and smooth. The smell is really not too intense. And yes, of course, it smells slightly of roses. And even if you are bothered by the fragrances in the products, I don’t think this one will bother you. 

Now a little about the cream itself. As I wrote the cream is very gentle, delicate. Just like rose petals. The texture is perfect, it’s neither too solid nor too liquid. It glides very nicely on the skin. It is quite different from the classic Nivea cream. ( Nivea Q10 Oil Elixir Non-Greasy Face Care Review)

Feeling On The Skin

I must emphasize that it gives a super fresh feeling to the skin. And not only because of the mild, nice scent but also because of the gel texture itself. It is absorbed quickly and easily into the skin. 

The first thing I noticed was that it doesn’t leave a greasy film on the skin. And secondly, this doesn’t tighten the skin of the face. You don’t have that feeling that someone is pulling your skin. You know that feeling?

Rose Touch Moisturizer

After this cream, the skin is soft and hydrating, but not oily.

So, I have to admit that for my normal/dry skin this cream is very good. Further, I use it in my morning routine because I still need something richer for my evening routine. I didn’t have any bad reactions on my skin.


In short, everything about this cream is very gentle and beautiful. I like everything from the texture, the scent, the feel on the skin after application. The only disappointment is the plastic packaging. Because I expect more from Nivea.

Plus I use this as a day cream by no means as an evening cream. Although it says you should use it in the morning and the evening. But evening creams for me have to be a little more oily. Because my skin needs it.

How do you like this product? What is your favorite product from this brand? I hope good weather comes soon. And that we will smell roses everywhere, not just in creams. 

Remember to do a small allergy test before use. 

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