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Hydro Boost Intense Hydration Serum holds and retains moisture in the skin.

Hello my beautiful people, how are you? I hope you are all well. Can’t wait for spring? I must say that I am more than ready for warmer days. I bored myself with whining about how much I hate winter. So I will immediately move on to today’s topic. I have a serum for you today.

Hydro Boost Intense Hydration Serum

 A month ago I was looking for something new to try. I found this in a sea of cosmetics and masks. The first thing that drew me to this was the ingredients. 

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Hydro Boost Intense Hydration Serum

  • firstly, this accelerates cell renewal and stimulates the regeneration of the skin
  • secondly, hyaluronic Acid gives a film-forming effect that improves skin firmness
  • further, this is fragrance-free
  • 92% of ingredients are of natural origin
  • above all, the serum is vegan and suitable for sensitive skin
  • Active ingredients: Panthenol. Pro vitamin B5 (5%), Hyaluronic acid (after application it creates a continuous film on the skin)
Drops Of Benefits

How To Use:

  • after cleansing, apply two or three drops directly on the face
  • gently massage
  • use morning and evening
  • in addition, follow with moisturizer
Product line includes Anti-Aging Treatments, Skin Lightening Products, Acne Prevention Serums, and Moisturizers.
K-Max -All Natural Maximum Strength Vitamin K Cream – (Size 8oz)
from: Skin Beauty Solutions


This product has a simple appearance. The soft blue color reflects what the serum itself is like. The serum has a pipette like almost any other. To clarify, this makes it easier to dose the product.

Suitable For Sensitive Skin

Further, the liquid is colorless and odorless. Which I think is a big plus. When it comes to this type of product, the scent doesn’t play a big role for me. So, the texture is very interesting. Not too runny. In fact, I haven’t had a serum that has a slightly jelly texture yet. And that’s just it. It has a slightly gelatinous texture. Very interesting.

Feeling on the skin

You really need three drops. Three drops for the whole face and neck. And that’s it. After massaging, it was necessary to wait a little longer for the product to absorb. I waited about a minute, two for it to absorb into my skin. 

Serum For Beautiful Skin

After, the product leaves no greasy film on the skin. So it is easy to apply moisturizer after this. I must say that the serum goes well with other products. It means it fits easily into your morning and evening routine.

It is incredibly light and didn’t create any skin irritation or redness.

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Flourish Mint & Wild Clover Silkening Serum
from: Blissoma Holistic Skincare


In conclusion, I am super happy with this. I chose this brand for a couple of reasons. First of all, I had never heard of them and I wanted something new. And secondly, the price was great. And I’m glad I didn’t make a mistake.

Have you ever heard of this brand? Leave a comment below.

Don’t forget to do an allergy test before use. This is an important step in trying out the product.

Thanks for reading and I hope you stop by again. Don’t be a stranger. Kisses

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