Garnier Plumping Hair Food Watermelon Mask

Garnier Plumping Hair Food is 3 in 1 multi-use hair mask.

Another wonderful gift from Garnier Croatia has arrived. And with that, there are a couple more that I can’t wait to introduce to you. Garnier knows how important my hair is to me. And in addition to being a skincare addict, I am also a haircare addict. But you already know all that.

My hair is blonde right now, and you already know what that means. If you don’t know, I’ll explain. That means I need a lot of help to make my hair look healthy. Due to bleaching, the hair dries out and can look like straw.

Garnier Plumping Hair Food

But you don’t have to be blonde for your hair to lose its shine and become dry. You have noticed that if you straighten it a lot, you dry it with various devices, it can happen to you as well. So in essence, hair color does not play a role but care.

And here my lovelies Garnier Hair Food jumps in. I’ve already tried the Banana one. If you are interested here is the link. (Hair Food Banana Garnier) So, let’s see what Garnier brings us this time.

This product is a gift, but the thoughts are mine. The site contains links for affiliate marketing.

Garnier Plumping Hair Food

  • leave hair looking boosted and feeling plumped
  • instantly absorbs into hair with no weigh down
  • 3-in-1 intensive hair mask treatment can be used in 3 different ways: as a conditioner, rinse-out hair mask, or leave-in conditioner
  • 98% Natural Ingredients – Blended with Watermelon and Pomegranate 
  • vegan Formula – No animal ingredients or by-products
Vegan Formula – No animal ingredients or by-products

How To Use:

  • firstly, as a conditioner: on wet hair, to instantly detangle and boost the look of hair
  • secondly, as a rinse-out hair mask treatment: on wet hair, leave for 3mins and rinse out to leave hair looking boosted
  • further, as a leave-in conditioner: on wet or dry hair, apply a small amount to lengths to leave hair looking beautifully healthy

Perform a small allergy test before use.

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When this gift from Garnier arrived, I was thrilled. The packaging is huge. Like the one with the banana, this one is much bigger than some other masks. You will recognize this line of theirs everywhere. Their packaging is very innovative and noticeable.

3 Usages Mask

When I opened the lid the scent took me back to summer. I love watermelons and I eat them the most in the summer. This smells just like that. The mask awakens my nostalgia for the sun and warmth. 

The mask has a nice texture, it is neither too firm nor too runny.


I love 3 in 1 mask. And I love this line of hair food masks. I get everything I need for my hair in one place. Isn’t that wonderful? And I don’t even have to tell you how many times I opened the lid and smelled this. Yes, I can imagine summer as I put this on my hair. Can scents take you back in time? Write me down in the comments. I am very interested in what are the scents that take you back in time.

Plumping haircare

This is one of those products that I will probably use very quickly. Although there is a lot of it, I can’t resist, I will use it over and over again. My ladies put on this gorgeous mask and get smooth and shiny hair.

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    • Maybe another time, because their hair masks are really great. I just bought this and banana one to my sisters as a gift.🤗🤗

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