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Unicorn Tears Face And Lip Primer is 2 in 1 nourishing foundation and face serum.

I could hardly wait for this serum to arrive. Every day I stood in the yard waiting for the mail. I waited and waited and after so much waiting that I thought it would never arrive I get an email. “Your package will arrive tomorrow.” Omg, I was waiting for that. And tomorrow came, and the package with this serum was in my hands. Ah, that feeling is only known to skincare addicts.

Unicorn Tears Face And Lip Primer

So why was I so excited about this? Keep reading because I will put a lot of photos so everything will be clear to you. I want to ask you if you have ever waited so long for a product? Or I’m the only one standing outside waiting for the postman? Leave a comment below.

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Unicorn Tears Face And Lip Primer

  • 2 in 1 nourishing foundation and face serum
  • for daily skincare
  • rich formula
  • protects the skin from harmful external influences
  • provides hydration before applying makeup
  • perfectly applicable on the lips as a matte foundation for lipsticks
  • contains acai berry extract, goji berry, and cranberry extract which are known antioxidants and allies in the fight against skin aging
  • also contains vitamin C, which has a beneficial effect on skin tone
Nourishing Foundation And Face Serum

Perform a small allergy test before use!


The bottle is a beautiful, delicate pink color. I don’t know why it excites me so much, I’m not the pink type of woman. I think it makes me happy because I haven’t had a serum in this color yet. 

Rich Formula

And I know that appearance is not that important, but look … It’s so beautiful! The pipette is the same as with any serum. And now the drums please … Look at that texture, people. Do you understand now why I made so much noise about this? It’s so dazzling, beautiful and pink ah dear God I think I´m in love. I really am.

I’ve taken so many photos of this texture and I still can’t get enough.

 The smell is pleasant but mild, not a bit aggressive.

Anti-Aging Treatments, Skin Lightening Products, Acne Prevention Serums, and Moisturizers.
HYALURONIC ACID Skin Serum – (Size 2oz)
from: Skin Beauty Solutions

Feeling On The Skin

The serum is great. At first glance, it shines a lot, but this is not the case on the skin. Yes, it gives shine but the nice one, not greasy. I hope you understand what I mean.

You can use Unicorn Tears Serum as a foundation, it will be great that way.

Provides Hydration
Unicorn Tears

But my sister told me how she uses it and I started using it that way. 

I don’t use a lot of powder, that is, I use BB cream instead of powder. (If you are interested in great BB creams, I will leave a link here. BB creams for flawless skin.)

I drip one or two drops of serum into the BB cream. I can’t even describe to you how this makes a difference. My skin becomes soft and very gentle. But like I said, it’s just my and my sister’s way. 

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InfiniteAloe Skin Care Cream – choose your size and scent


And the bottom line is that I cheer myself up every time I pick this up. Like a little kid getting a toy. And yes, a lot of serum was spilled while I was taking photos. But no, no I don’t regret it. I’m glad I was able to show you this.

I love when I buy something or get it from a brand and share it with you. 

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Or this-Nivea Oil Elixir.

See you soon with new experiences. Kiss.

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