How To Have A Spa Day At home

How To Have A Spa Day a relaxing, calming day at home.

This virus has changed a lot. We move less, we worry more, so we have less and less relaxing days. When other stresses are added, such as money, work … etc. Well, then it’s as if the worries have no end.

That’s why spa days at home mean a lot to me. And I think it will make a big difference to you too. Prepare yourself and your brain to have time for yourself that day. Because my dears, you deserve it. You deserve that day to take care of yourself only.

How To Have A Spa Day

I know a lot of you have small kids and work, so you can’t set aside all day. But even 10 minutes makes a big difference. Just your 10 minutes.

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How To Have A Spa Day At Home


Of course a big and important step. Play music that relaxes you. If you are like me that music can fix or spoil your mood then be careful. Put on music that will create a pleasant atmosphere for you.

Relaxing With Music

Now I know and I’ve heard that there are people who like silence. Write me if you are one of those people? Leave a comment below. In fact, write to me whether you are relaxing with music or silence?

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Secondly, prepare something you really like. If I do a spa day in the middle of the day then I like to make myself a coffee. A big cup of fine coffee.

Drink Time

And if I do it in the evening, then it’s time for blackberry wine. Yes, don’t laugh I love blackberry wine. It’s sweet and fine, as far as I’ve heard it’s very healthy. Remember my ladies this is about you and your time so please yourself as much as you want.

Face Mask

And this is an important part, very important. If I don’t have a face mask then everything falls apart. So taking care of yourself also means taking care of your skin. Get yourself some nourishing face mask. Pick up your hair and apply it to your face. Take a drink in your hand and lean back.

Time For Facial Mask

And just enjoy that moment. Absorb that moment and feeling. Right now all the worries and problems are behind you.

I turn on the music at this point and sing out loud. You can imagine how that sounds hehe. Sounds like when cats howl during mating. But I don’t care, all the stress must go out of my body. Ladies, sing if you feel like it. Who cares how you sound, go ahead …

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So, a simple spa day is your day. With this, I want to encourage you to think about yourself. So remember you deserve it. Stress and everything else affects your health and your skin. And with this, you will rest your soul, body plus feed your skin with a great mask.

Sometimes we need a boost because, in this hustle and bustle, we need someone to tell us enough. 

And you know what, I’ll be happy if only one of you takes my advice to take time for yourself. And yes, singing helps, singing out loud no matter how much the neighbors complain, it doesn’t matter. Write me about which song would you sing? Which song relaxes you? Sing as if there is no tomorrow.

I hope you like this post. I thought about it a lot and wrote twice. Because I want to encourage you, I want each of you to find yourself in this and say “I deserve a spa day”.

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