Skincare Mistakes And How To Avoid Them

Skincare Mistakes And How To Avoid Them. Have you ever wondered why your skin is dry after showering? Or why does your skin react to certain things? Well, maybe you will find the answer here.

It took me a long time to figure out some things. Especially when it comes to my skin. It also took me a long time to change bad habits. (I’m still working on some.)But I’ll do my best to change that. 

Skincare Mistakes And How To Avoid Them

And surely you also want to know something about this because you are reading this text. And thank you for being here. I must mention that I am not an expert. These are my impressions and what works for me.

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Skincare Mistakes And How To Avoid Them

1. Washing your face with hot water

Firstly, I learned this the hard way. I love taking a shower in hot water. So hot when I come out of the shower my skin gets all red. Plus it starts to itch a lot. Hot water will irritate your skin. And not only irritate, but it will also dry out the skin. 

Better lukewarm water in the shower than dry and irritated skin

So it is best to set on lukewarm water and not overdo it. Better lukewarm water in the shower than dry and irritated skin, right?

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2. Not doing allergy tests

I bet you didn’t expect this, am I right? But this is very important. So, I write this on almost every review. I know a lot of people don’t even think about this when they buy a product.

Make small allergy test

I know the excitement around the new product. You can’t wait to smell and try it, but… Are you sure you’re not allergic to any of the ingredients? So you better protect yourself and make sure everything is okay. Clean the part of the skin where you will do the test. Put the product on that part and wait 24 hours. If there is no reaction great if there is a reaction do not use it.

3. Using the same towel for body and face

Well, this one is pretty clear. I mean come on, think about it. With a body towel, you wipe your whole body, your whole body. By whole, I mean both ass and legs…and other parts, you know what I mean.

Using the same towel for body and face

So, in this case, I prefer two different towels. And it’s okay if you have a different opinion.

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4. You don’t wash makeup sponges and brushes

Have you noticed that the sponges start to stink after a while? Yes, don’t let the sponges get to that point. Bacteria and moisture can build up in the sponge, which is not good for you.

Wash makeup sponges and brushes

What am I doing about it? Well, I’m too lazy to wash them. I throw them away and buy new ones, just like that. You can of course wash if you’re not as lazy as I am.

5. Applying too much pressure during exfoliation

Just because you press harder doesn’t mean you exfoliate better. It doesn’t work that way. This can severely damage and irritate the skin. With this, you will do the opposite of what you intended. 

Better make gentle pressure and massaging in circular motions. You love your skin, you don’t want to damage it.

Love your skin


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In conclusion, I hope that in the future you will avoid or correct some of these things. And if you don’t need to correct any of this, congratulations you’re better than me.

Thank you for reading this to the end. I hope I wasn’t boring. And even more, I hope you learned something new. Feel free to browse my site, you may find something just for you.

I love reading your thoughts and opinions. Feel free to leave a comment below.

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