Botanic Expert Lotion Eveline Review

Botanic Expert Lotion Eveline is based on unique active body glow formula.

This lotion made me especially happy because it was a gift. A wonderful gift from my sister. She knows exactly what I love and what I will like.

So I already discovered at the beginning that I like the lotion. But don’t give up reading yet. Because I will reveal to you what I like about this product. If you are still hesitant and want to stop reading, let me remind you that this is with 5 oils. Yes, you heard right.

Botanic Expert Lotion Eveline

Before we begin, let me remind you of my last blog post. I wrote about bad habits that damage our skin. If you haven’t read it, I’ll leave a link here.

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Botanic Expert Lotion Eveline

  • based on unique, active body glow formula
  • spectacularly firms and restores radiance to dry, flabby skin
  • velvety smoothing and firming
  • beautiful, healthy skin tone
  • intensive regeneration 48h
  • Active Body Glow Formula
  • How To Use:

    • morning and evening apply the body oil in lotion onto cleansed skin
    • used daily
    Moisturizes, Protects and Nurtures Dry Skin. Rejuvenates skin with Vitamin E and Organic Rosemary Oil.


    Firstly, the look of the packaging is very nice although it is not that important (as I heard). Everything you need to know about this lotion is written on the front. 

    Eveline Cosmetics

    The lotion is white. The texture is light but not too runny. Therefore, it is easily applied to the skin. The smell is very mild. It smells mildly of roses to me. Although this scent does not stay on the skin for too long.

    Feeling On The Skin

    So the lotion absorbs very quickly into the skin. Even though it contains 5 oils, it doesn’t leave a greasy film on the skin.

    Like I said above the smell is not too strong. So if you don’t like strong scents this is just for you. I would recommend this to people with dry / combination skin. Although it’s really not oily I don’t know what it would be like on oily skin.

    Eveline Oil Complex


    In conclusion, this is a wonderful product that I use in the morning and the evening. Further makes my skin soft and smooth. It leaves a mild rose scent long enough but not too long. Further, I hope you try it and be as thrilled as I am.

    Which lotions are your choice? Would you try this? Leave a comment below.

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