Bad Skincare Habits You Do Every Day

Bad Skincare Habits You Do Every Day. Yes, you heard right, every day.

Firstly, some of these habits we don’t even notice we’re doing. And some habits we do on purpose, and we should stop doing them. So that’s why I decided to write about this topic today.

Bad Skincare Habits You Do Every Day

To have healthy skin we need a lot more effort. A lot of people think that an expensive skincare product is enough. But it’s not … And we need to do our part for our skin.

Let me note that I am not an expert. There are links for affiliate marketing on this page!

 Bad Skincare Habits 

1. You exfoliate too much

Yes, yes, and that can happen, and it’s not good for the skin. Nowadays you can see everywhere that the skin needs to be exfoliated. But if you overdo it, the skin can become sensitive and irritated. Likewise, the skin may become dry and flaky.

It is also important to find an exfoliant that best suits your skin type. Try, explore and find something you will be happy with. Let me say again, don’t overdo it. 

Exfoliate Too Much
2. You touch your face too much

Big no! I don’t even have to tell you why this is wrong. First of all, this is how you transfer dirt from your hands to your face. And secondly, we live in a time of the pandemic. I still can’t believe the pandemic has become something normal. Something we say so normally.  

Protect yourself from viruses and bacteria. Do not touch the face with your hands, wear masks and disinfect your hands. 

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3. You smoke

In short, that´s disgusting. Simple as that, just disgusting. I don’t have to say how bad this is for health and skin. So please stop, just stop smoking.

You Smoke
4. You use someone else’s routine

Ok, this is getting serious now. I had to say this. But before I go on I must again emphasize that this is only my opinion. I’m not an expert. 

But I think everyone should have their route. What suits me doesn’t have to suit your skin. The order in which I use the products does not mean that it will suit you as well. So be careful with this one.

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5. Going To Bed With Your Make Up On

I know sometimes you just don’t feel like it and you’re too tired. And sometimes you’re just lazy. Trust me I understand you. But…

Leaving all that makeup on until morning is not wise. Not only is it not smart but it is not good for the skin. You leave all that dirt on your face overnight eh. Plus all that makeup can be very irritating to the eyes.

So my ladies, when it comes to removing makeup there is no exception.

Clean Your Face

More habits you need to watch out for:

  • lack of sleep (good sleep is very important)
  • you do not use sunscreen (please use it)
  • you don’t drink enough fluids (you drink a lot of fizzy drinks)
  • too much sugar


In conclusion, it’s not bad to be reminded of bad habits. We all do them. Like I said above too many things are happening around over. Too many problems, work, stress, stress, stress. So it is normal for bad habits to get into our daily routine.

However, it’s all normal. But try to change the bad and replace it with the good. Step by step, slowly one by one. You will notice a big change in yourself, on your skin. 

P.S. In other words,if you are a smoker, stop it! 

12 responses to “Bad Skincare Habits You Do Every Day”

  1. It’s so easy to over exfoliate. Such a nightmare when you love trying different products!
    I’m mostly guilty of still touching my face too much…
    Great post to get people thinking twice about their habits!

    • Thanks for reading 💗 And I have that problem I still touch my face too much, and I have to constantly pat myself on the fingers to stop. 🤦‍♀️😅😅

  2. I actually do the touching my face thing without even knowing it. I wear glasses 🤓 So since mask 😷 have became a thing, I was touching my face even more! Glasses on… glasses off… glasses on… and so on. Then my nose starts to Get itchy and runny. I was becoming terrible. I was never this bad before the mask.
    But now that I live somewhere I don’t have to wear as much, I don’t touch my face. But it becoming I terrible habit though. Something I had to be more careful with. Washing my hands and sanitizing every second because I have to keep removing my glasses or my nose was runny under my mask. I wonder are there mask that DONT cause such a mess to someone face? I saw Silk ones but literally you breath went right through so what’s the point? Lol
    Anyway… great post!

    • That’s true, we should invent masks for people who wear glasses. My sister has the same problem. I don’t wear glasses but I still struggle with touching my face too much. Thanks for reading, I appreciate it 💗💗💗💗💗

  3. I definitely touch my face too much and it was something I’ve really worked on (but still guilty of) since Covid-19 came around. I also sometime go to bed with my mascara on (I don’t wear other make-up at the moment). I have to stop doing this as it plays hell with my eyes and an eye condition I have — thanks for the reminder to work on these!

    • I’m glad you like my post and thank you for reading. I understand you because I have to get used to not touching my face all the time. Sometimes I have to remind myself to stop.

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