7th Heaven Charcoal Peel-off Maske Review

7th Heaven Charcoal Peel-off Maske is a mask that should deeply cleanse your pores.

How can a person not like peel-off masks? No, seriously! Something is satisfying about that. Or is it just me? Either way, I only have one problem. And the problem is that, so far I haven’t found a peel-off mask that suits me.

7th Heaven Charcoal Peel-off Maske

I searched for a long time, I read the reviews for a long time. And again I chose a random product. I don’t think there’s any help for me. Because I did so much research and I buy any product, so who else does it?

If you are wondering if 7th heaven has met my expectations read on.

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7th Heaven Charcoal Peel-off Maske

  • cleansing deep pores
  • the activated charcoal soaks up blackheads, excess oil, and dead skin like a sponge
  • nourish and soothe the skin
  • use weekly for super clean and soft skin
Cleansing Deep Pores
Super Clean And Soft Skin

How To Use:

  • cleanse and dry your face
  • apply mask
  • wait until the mask has dried (otherwise, it will not work)
  • peel off slowly

Perform a small allergy test before use!

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The look of the product is typical 7th heaven, in color and cheerful. 

The color of the mask is black, deep black. I love that there are always additional explanations on the tube. The mask is thick.

Peel Off Mask

The smell of this product is on plants. I can’t tell exactly which plant. But it smells like something healthy. The scent is not too intense but mild and does not bother at all.

Feeling On The Skin

Oh man, oh, man! I so wanted this to be a great peel-off mask. I was so enthusiastic. And the most I hate is criticizing the product, but… I tried a couple of times, gave a chance a couple of times but I have to give up. 

If I put a thin layer, it is difficult to remove the mask from the skin. So hard it doesn’t peel off at all. But I have to wash it in the end and not peel it off.

And when you peel it off nothing happens

If I apply a thicker layer, the mask dries for more than 30 minutes. And even then, it’s hard to remove because it tears. And when you peel it off nothing happens. Nothing!

The pores are still as in the beginning. So yes, I was very disappointed. Because I love 7th Heaven. I often buy masks of this brand that I adore.


Do you know what this means? This means I haven’t found the perfect peel-off mask yet. I’ll have to go marathon shopping again. Although I’m not sorry that I’ll have to go shopping, I’m sorry that this didn’t work out.

One more thing when using charcoal masks be careful, because believe me there will be a mess. In my bathroom, everything was black after this. I’m not exaggerating, sink, floor, towels, everything. So don’t be clumsy like me.

Do you have any recommendations? Which peel-off mask should I try? Leave a comment below.

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