Essence Lash Princess Powerful Mascara Review

Essence Lash Princess Powerful Mascara creates a visible lash extension.

Just when I thought I had tried all the princess mascaras from Essence, I found a new one. And of course, I had to buy it. I had no other choice. No, don’t laugh. Some people collect cards, some stamps, and I obviously collect Essence mascaras.

Essence Lash Princess Powerful Mascara

So I’m not an addict but a collector. 😀

End when we have clarified all this now, let’s talk about my new mascara. These Essence mascaras are very affordable, and you can get them almost anywhere. They have a specific look, and you will immediately recognize them.

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Essence Lash Princess Powerful Mascara 

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  •  princess curl & volume mascara creates a visible lash extension
  • deep black color
  • provides dense volume and a unique curl
  • power lashes and a confident look are guaranteed
  • ensures full volume in one coat
  • highlights the shape of the eyes
  • quick and easy to apply
  • gives your eyelashes maximum length
Full volume in one coat
Visible lash extension
About the brand Essence
  • German brand Essence creates playful and affordable makeup
  • More than 84% of all Essence Cosmetics products are manufactured in Europe
  • Affordable makeup of great quality to help you achieve a perfect look


This mascara like all princess mascaras looks really nice, elegant, and feminine. I like seeing mascaras like this, what can I say I love beautiful things.

Essence Lash Princess

The color is deep black. The brush is thicker. I’ve always been a fan of thicker brushes, but I’ve recently become a fan of thinner ones as well. So whether you like the brush depends only on what you prefer.


As I always say a picture speaks louder than words. I always apply multiple coats. I put it on the ends first and then on the entire length.

Before Mascara / After Mascara

This mascara gives an incredible length.  

The mascara lasts on the eyes for a long time without leaving any traces around the eyes. If you ask me exactly how long then about 4 hours.

You just have to remember that this is not waterproof mascara. So if you intend to cry out of sadness or laughter beware, this mascara will not stand it. 😋

Overall Impression

I like this product. I love that it transforms the lashes. Looks like I put on false eyelashes. I don’t mind that it’s not waterproof either.

I have some bad experiences with waterproof mascaras. So this is ok for me. Also the price is great and at the moment I hope I have tried everything from this collection.

Because if I haven’t tried everything, then I have a problem, I have to collect them all.

How do you like this mascara? Would you try it on? Do you collect cosmetics like I do? Leave a comment below.

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    1. I have also been using Essence mascaras for a very long time, they are great. I think there is on Amazon as well. 🤗

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