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Schwarzkopf Got2b Hair Milk is anti-frizz styling milk for nourished curls.

To clear something up right away my hair is not curly. It’s not curly, but it’s not flat either. One word describes my hair and that word is “messy”!

When I was younger my hair was much straighter. If you also want straighter hair, click here. Here you will find great hair straighteners.

Schwarzkopf Got2b Hair Milk

But let’s move on to this product here. Why did I buy it? First of all, I wanted to do heatless curls. I did heatless curls but I had one problem. When I make curls they would relax within half an hour. It is so disappointing and frustrating😱. And that’s where this product comes in.

Let me just say that I will explain how I made heatless curls in about 2 weeks. So don’t miss it. This is not a sponsored post.

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Schwarzkopf Got2b Hair Milk 

  • milk defines your curls
  • for anti-frizz – up to 4 days
  • for nourished curls
  • elasticity
  • for a soft and bouncy look
  • innovative milk texture
  • helps the hair maintain its elasticity and gives shine
For Nourished Curls
Innovative Milk Texture

How To Use:

  • so, work a small amount into towel-dried hair, depending on the length of the hair
  • style as you like
  • further, for extra bounce, use a blow dryer with a diffuser attachment and blow dry your hair overhead

Remember to do a small allergy test before use.

Product description

Here you will get 150 ml of hair milk. Ideal amount.

When you open the lid there is a small plugin for the pump. The plug is easily pulled out and then you can use the product. The hair milk is white and has a soft texture. Like a face cream. Like a light face cream. 

Got2b Hair Milk

The scent of this hair milk is divine! It smells like flowers, like expensive flowers, I love this scent. Not only is it a nice scent but it is also quite intense.

When you put the milk on your hand and rub it a little, the interesting thing is that it doesn’t stick at all. 


So, it’s like this, you can do a good thing with this product and a bad thing.

What exactly do I mean? I mean, you can follow the instructions and do well. Or don’t follow the instructions and make a nest on your hair.

The first time I tried it and that was as soon as the package arrived I did a stupid thing. I immediately squeezed out the product and tried to put it on my hair. It wasn’t good! God, it wasn’t good at all!

The second time I put it on damp hair and curled my hair the way I wanted. After a while, I let my hair down and the curls were perfect. The hair was not glued and the curls were soft.

The curls remained there even after three days. I can’t say the curls were very defined as the first day, but they were there. The hair did not relax.

Just to add that the scent stays in the hair for a very long time.

Esthetic House – CP-1 3 Seconds Hair Ringer (Hair Fill-Up Ampoule) – 170ml
from: Stylevana


In conclusion, I was looking for something like this. So, I didn’t want to buy mousse because I have had very bad experiences with hair mousse. I wanted something that would hold the curls for at least 2 days. And I managed to find the perfect product for this.

Plus it gives your hair an outstanding scent. Like when you walk out of a hair salon.

Whether it is anti-frizz I can’t say because I don’t have naturally curly hair. But I will do a test on my sister’s hair and make an update.

What do you think about hair milk? Do you use any hair curls products? Leave a comment below.

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