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Garnier Body Tonic Firming Lotion an ultra-fresh, hydrating formula.

A body tonic is something I haven’t had a chance to try yet. And that’s why I was especially excited and couldn’t wait to try this product. Yes, yes I am a skincare addict.😅😅

So, body lotions are always included in my skincare routine. I use them twice a day, morning and evening. Otherwise, I use ones that are hydrating and that are for dry and normal skin.

Garnier Body Tonic Firming Lotion

As summer approaches I look for a certain boost in body lotions. That’s how I came across this tonic. I need something refreshing and also hydrating. If you are interested in what this tonic is and what it provides, read on.

Just to note that this is not a sponsored post. This post includes affiliate links.

Garnier Body Tonic Firming Lotion

  • firming hydrating lotion
  • above all, for dehydrated skin that has lost its firmness and elasticity
  • enriched with: Phyto-caffeine and seaweed extract (Phyto-caffeine is known for its stimulating properties and seaweed extract, helping to reinforce the skin’s surface)
  • ultra-fresh, hydrating formula
Garnier Cruelty Free
Body Lotion For Normal Skin
  • hydrating formula helps skin to feel tighter and more toned
  • Cruelty-Free 
  • further, fast-absorbing, non-greasy and non-sticky
  • body lotion for normal skin

Apply generously all over the body daily.

Make a small allergy test before use.

primera – Mango Butter Comforting Body Lotion – 380ml
from: Stylevana


This body tonic is a beautiful yellow color (my favorite color) and contains 400ml of tonic. I think it’s a great amount. 

Firstly, the tonic is white. It is neither too solid nor too liquid. I love lotions that are such structures. This makes it easier to spread on the skin. Not only is it easily smeared on the skin, but it is also quickly absorbed. It does not leave an oily trace on the skin. 

Phyto-caffeine And Seaweed Extract

Secondly, It smells like lemon, like freshly squeezed lemon juice. I love, looooove this scent. The smell of freshly squeezed lemons gives that kick, that freshness to this tonic.

Feeling on the skin

In conclusion, It gives the skin the necessary hydration without oily traces. In addition, the smell of lemon stays on the skin for about 2-3 hours. I like that it absorbs quickly and the feeling on the skin is pure fresh.

Whether it tightens the skin or not I can’t say exactly. But I can say with certainty that this tonic is now one of my favorite skincare products.

So I think it is ideal for after sunbathing. 

The feeling on the skin is great and the scent is pure summer.


So, if you love skincare products and try something new this tonic is ideal.

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The skin needs care and protection and what is better than botanical oils!

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Above all,  don’t forget to exfoliate your skin and drink plenty of water. If you need a reminder take a look here

That’s all for today, I hope you all have a nice week and an even better weekend.😘😘😘

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