Neutrogena Cellular Boost Hydrogel Mask Review

Neutrogena Cellular Boost Hydrogel Mask is a mask for smooth, younger-looking skin.

A new week and a new mask in my hands. This time the choice fell on Neutrogena. I normally use face masks once to twice a week. Normally we all happen to neglect our skin sometimes. If that happens to you here you have a reminder, click there

Neutrogena Cellular Boost Hydrogel Mask

Face masks make me happy. Mostly they are easy to use and they are very useful. Plus, you can put a mask on your face and let it work its magic while you do something else.

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Tree Tu Tub is vegan, cruelty-free, fair-trade and totally non-toxic to human beings & the environment skincare brand.

Neutrogena Cellular Boost Hydrogel Mask

  • this innovative gel mask adapts perfectly to the shape of the face – like a second skin
  • 1 mask=1 bottle of serum (1 mask contains the same amount of serum as a 30ml serum bottle)
  • 2-part gel mask for a perfect fit
  • maximizes the absorption of nourishing ingredients
  • immediate cooling effect
  • doesn’t clog pores
  • also suitable for sensitive skin
  • intensive recovery for younger-looking skin. Fine lines are softened and the skin feels noticeably smoother
Hydrogel Facial Mask

How To Use:

  1. cleanse your face (remember to clean the skin before use. You can find great facial and cleansing products here )
  2. peel white film 
  3. place hydrogel mask down on the face, smooth side down
  4. leave on from 15-30 minutes
  5. remove the mask and massage the remaining product onto the face and neck

Make a small allergy test before use.


As soon as I saw that this mask was in two parts I had to buy it. In my humble opinion, it is easier to put a mask on your face when it is in two parts.

Neutrogena mask smells nice. It smells of freshness and some flowers (I can’t figure out which one). The smell is quite intense, when the product smells nice like this I don’t mind. I don’t mind it at all. 

How To Use

The mask is soaked, so soaked that it is very slippery. I agree that it is better to be soaked than to be dry. But I had little difficulty removing the mask from the package.

Although slippery I easily put the mask on my face. It adheres nicely to the skin. The mask is not a sheet mask.

After 30 minutes, I massaged the rest of the gel on my face and neck, as it says on the package. I massaged with light circular motions for about 3 minutes.

After the mask

The skin is refreshed and smells wonderful. During the facial massage, the gel is very nicely absorbed into the skin. The small wrinkles around the eyes I have from frowning are less visible.

I am very happy with the results after the mask. Let me mention once again that this is not a sheet mask but a gel mask. I will definitely buy this again. It doesn’t dry out the skin, but it doesn’t make it oily either.

Which masks do you prefer sheet or gel? Leave a comment below.

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