Q10 Firming Body Lotion Nivea Review

Q10 Firming Body Lotion is a lotion that improves skin elasticity.

Beautiful and soft skin is what we are all looking for. This week I wrote about a few tips and reminders on how to keep your skin healthy. See here if you haven’t already.

Q10 Firming Body Lotion

In addition to all these tips, it is also useful to use body lotions, creams, and oils. And this time I decided to try Nivea Lotion with vitamin C.

In the collection I ordered from Nivea in addition to the day creamnight cream, I also ordered this lotion.

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Q10 Firming Body Lotion

  •  the body cream is enriched with a combination of active ingredients of Q10 and vitamin C
  •  in only 10 days skin is tightened and elasticity improved
  • 48h moisture, intensive hydration
  • absorbs quickly
  • leaves a firm and beautiful skin feeling
  • for a beautiful skin
Q10 and vitamin C

Perform a small allergy test before use.


THE FACE SHOP – Raspberry Body Lotion – 300ml – $11.59
from: Stylevana


You get 400ml of body lotion in one bottle. I think that is a very good amount of product.

The scent of this lotion is typical of Nivea. Nice scent, floral (at least it seems so to me). The scent does not stay on the skin for long, it lasts for about 2 hours. 

It absorbs very quickly into the skin, which is great. The skin is very well moisturized.

For a beautiful skin

As for whether it tightens the skin? I used up this whole bottle. And I can’t say that it removes cellulite one hundred percent. It seems to me that it visually smoothes the skin a bit. But initially, that wasn’t even the reason I bought this.

I bought Nivea lotion because of vitamin C and Q10. And I realized that this lotion would be great after sunbathing. It will give the skin softness and moisture.


Don’t just apply the lotion and wait for it to soak up. A lot of people do that. When you apply the lotion, gently massage it into the skin. A light massage will stimulate circulation. Plus, the lotion will absorb better into the skin.

I applied this product before bed and in the morning. The result was very soft skin. Velvety soft and hydrated.

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  1. I don’t think I will ever stop loving nivea..there are many big size nivea bottles in my home in different varieties. I have super dry skin and I need it almost round the year.

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