Nivea Q10 Oil Elixir Non-Greasy Face Care Review

Nivea Q10 Oil Elixir is an oil that intensively nourishes and is suitable for the needs of dry to very dry skin.

No dilemma the serums are now in. Everywhere you look you can see an advertisement for some serum. Well, I’m no exception. When I finished Nivea night cream (you can see the post here) I decided on another Nivea product.

Not only is it Nivea but it is also a serum.

Nivea Q10 Oil Elixir

Why is this oil so interesting to me? Well, the oil elixir can be dosed according to skin needs. I also had some fears that it would be too greasy, etc. Whether this serum met all my expectations, read on…

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Instantlift Tightening Serum

Nivea Q10 Oil Elixir

  • combines skin-identical Q10 and natural organic Argan oil (the coenzyme Q10 is a protective antioxidant, it is present in every skin cell and gives the skin energy)
  • reduces the formation of wrinkles 
  • as a result, ensures smoother and younger-looking skin
  • non-greasy formula
  • intensively nourishes and is suitable for the needs of dry to very dry skin
  • the facial care oil ensures relaxed, supple skin
  •  gives a wonderful skin feeling
Q10 And Natural Organic Argan Oil

How To Use:

The NIVEA Oil Elixir according to skin needs can be individually dosed :

  1. 1 drop as a glow boost
  2. 2 drops as deep care for healthy-looking skin
  3. 3 drops as a mask treatment for immediately relaxed skin
Super concentrated, bio-active ingredients. Without harm to your health or skin. This is more than anti-aging skincare. This is serious luxury.

Perform a small allergy test before use.

Nivea Oil Elixir Video


First, what to say when the product is gold and white. Nothing, except that it already reminds me of glow and shine.

Secondly, the bottle is practical and easy to open. The pipette makes it very easy to apply the product. The smell of this oil is very mild. If you don’t like scents in cosmetics, this oil and its scent won’t bother you at all.

Like I said it is easy to apply on the skin and the first thing I noticed is the softness it provides.

Above all, it doesn’t leave greasy traces, it’s absorbed very quickly into the skin. So I have to say this and emphasize the skin is velvety soft after the elixir.

I Am thrilled with something else when it comes to this oil. And that is that I apply it now even before applying makeup. 

Care Oil ensures relaxed, supple skin

I use this oil before bed and sometimes in the morning. In the evening I apply 3-4 drops and do a small facial massage. Before applying make-up, I apply 2 drops of oil and gently massage the elixir into the skin. It’s just my way and suits my skin best that way.

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Above all, don’t forget a facial massage. Your skin will have better circulation with the help of massage.

So my beauties have you tried facial serums? Leave a comment below.

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  1. I love the Q10 range as a whole, I’ve tried this oil elixier and I LOVE it! Oil based products work really well on my combination skin!


  2. I never tried the Nivea Q10 range, but this sounds great! I was on the look out for an oil for added hydration and glow, will give this a try next, thanks for your review x

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