Brazilian Mud Sheet Mask 7th Heaven Review

Brazilian Mud Sheet Mask is a sheet mask infused with Brazilian Mud, Acai Berries, and Avocado.

Does that sound interesting to you? But that’s not all, this mask is quite interesting and different from the others. 7th Heaven is a skincare brand that attracts me at first sight. Especially face masks. 

Brazilian Mud Sheet Mask

As you can see in the previous post (link here and here) they have something to offer. All face masks are interesting and diverse, from different colors to interesting ingredients.

So it’s no wonder I grabbed this one. When it says that it contains mud and avocado, of course, it must be tried immediately. And of course, that means it’s spa time.🎉 

Do you like to do spa time at home? What else do you do when you have spa time? Leave a comment below. Let me also note that this is not a sponsored post.

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Brazilian Mud Sheet Mask

  •  revolutionary product
  •  infused with Brazilian Mud, Acai Berries and Avocado
  • provide you with a quick, mess-free facial
  • Purple Brazilian mud from the lush vegetation of vibrant Brazil unclogs skin
  •  pulped Acai Berries, high in antioxidants and vitamin-enriched Avocado nourish and fight free radicals
  • eco-friendly
  • bamboo sheet
  • cruelty-free
  • for all skin types
7th Heaven Mud Sheet Mask

How To Use:

  • wash your face
  • put on a mask
  • after that, relax and leave the mask on your face for 10-15 minutes
  • take off the mask and massage your face in a circular motion
  • rinse

Do a small allergy test before use. And avoid contact with eyes. For external use only.


So, I think the look of the mask packaging should be like this. Cheerful colorful and tempting. It just calls you “come on, you’ll have fun, buy me”!

Or is it just me … and my vivid imagination … and my addiction to skincare products?🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️

Firstly, what fascinates me here is the smell. My God, that smells good!!!!! In other words, I feel like I’ve crashed into a berry bush. In short, nice, amazing, rich scent.

Secondly, the mask is easily removed from the packaging and easily applied to the face. Another very interesting thing is the texture of the mask.

Otherwise, most sheet masks are thin and delicate, but not this one. As you can see in the picture (I hope you can see) this mask is thicker than the others.

Further, it is soaked in clay, pink clay.

So, after a light massage and rinsing, I put on a day cream. (You can see which cream I’m currently using here.)

Leaves the skin soft, refreshed, and beautifully scented. Yes, the smell of berries lingered on the skin. And even after applying the day cream, the smell is still there.

In conclusion, I’m super happy with the Brazilian Mud Sheet Mask. I recommend it to everyone, brighten up your spa day with this beautiful sheet mask. Relax and enjoy the time you have just for yourself.

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