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Temperature Change Magic Lipstick is a lipstick that should change color depending on the temperature of your lips.

This sounds not only interesting but also magical, right? I have been watching this for a long time and it has been on my wish list for a long time. And finally, that day came for me to make the child in me happy.😁😁

Temperature Change Magic Lipstick

When the package arrived I tore it up to get to this lipstick.😂 I know, I know I’m a big kid but I figured one thing out. Not only am I looking forward to what’s in the package but I just love opening packages. 😂

Ok now enough about my flaws, let’s talk about this magical lipstick. It is green and supposedly turns pink when you apply it to your lips.😱 Keep reading if you’re wondering if it’s magical.

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14E Lip Sheen
from: Blissoma Holistic Skincare

Temperature Change Magic Lipstick

  • fruit green stick
  • fantastic and fashionable
  • with pink shadow effect
  • color changes depending on the temperature and pH of the lip
  • a pleasant fruity fragrance
  • moisturizing, durable, silky smooth, and creamy
  • material: beeswax, vitamin E, plant extracts, etc.
Beeswax, vitamin E

Perform a small allergy test before use.


Oh man, oh man where to start.

There are three lipsticks in the package. It is immediately obvious that the lipstick is green. I think that the green color makes this one even more interesting. Because I immediately wonder how this will turn pink, how!🤷‍♀️

Although it says that it has a pleasant fruity scent, I do not smell it. No odor at all. I don’t consider it a minus. Because a lot of people like their lipstick to have no scent. Sometimes it is even desirable. 

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It is easy to apply and the lips are soft after this lipstick.

Now a little about color. That’s what I guess you all waited for.

When you apply green lipstick, your lips will be a nice pink color. As you can see in the photo. But that’s the color you’re going to get. I didn’t notice it changing color at all. Which is a bit disappointing. But…

  • Pink shadow effect
  • Despite not being magical why would I buy this lipstick again?

    Because it lasts a very long time on the lips. It lasts longer than some well-known brands. I applied this lipstick on my arm so I could show you the color better.

    After that, I washed the dishes, washed my hair in the evening, and took a shower and the color was still there. That’s what I call magic. 

    The magic of this lipstick is not that it changes color but in duration.

    I like the shade and the fact that it has no smell. I also like that it makes my lips soft.

    But you decide for yourself if it pays off.

    Is Temperature Change Magic Lipstick something you would try? Leave a comment below.

    6 responses to “Temperature Change Magic Lipstick Review”

    1. janieleeds Avatar

      The color looks really pretty! Thanks for the review! I’m not sure I’d be willing to put on green lipstick even if it magically turned pink! But I like to read about it!

      1. Didi Avatar

        😂😂😂😂😂Yes, yes, and I was thinking that maybe I shouldn’t try it, but curiosity overcame me. But it’s a really nice pink color and lasts a really long time…

        1. janieleeds Avatar

          The color looks good on you and I’m glad you tried it! 🙂

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