Nivea Q10 Energy Day Cream Review

Nivea Q10 Energy Day Cream is a day cream with a new, improved formula.

So, I try to buy as many products with vitamin C as possible. I like all of you have heard that vitamin C is very good for the skin. So with the fact that I eat a lot of fruit and give my skin vitamin C through food, I made an effort to add it to my skincare routine.

Energy Day Cream

I have already mentioned some vitamin C products in my posts. And if you haven’t seen it here is a link so take a look.

The product I decided to include in my skincare routine is Nivea Q10 Energy Day Cream. I read what all this day cream contains and I had to try it. What can I say except I really had to…🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️ So let’s take a look at what it’s all about and what Nivea is offering us this time.

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Nivea Q10 Energy Day Cream

  • contains skin-identical coenzyme Q10 and vitamins C and E
  • the formula refreshes the face, eliminates signs of fatigue, and effectively reduces wrinkles within 2 weeks
  • further, the skin is hydrated for 24 hours, radiant, and full of energy
  • with a refreshing orange scent containing SPF 15 and UVA / UVB protection (prevent the formation of wrinkles due to the sun)
  • above all, contains natural orange extract
Nivea Vitamin C


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So the packaging is classic Nivea, simple and beautiful. When you open the cream there is a metal lid on top. I always emphasize that this is extremely important to me.

The cream is a soft orange color and smells fresh. I must emphasize that the smell is not too strong. 

Nivea day cream

The texture of the cream is outstanding. In other words, it is not too liquid, and it is very nicely applied and smeared on the skin. It doesn’t take too much to cover your entire face and neck.

There is another reason why I bought the Nivea Q10. And that’s because I read that this prevents the formation of wrinkles due to the sun. I’m a person who often forgets sunglasses, so I squint all the time. I know, I know very irresponsibly. That’s why I need a day cream like this.

Immediately after 3 days of use, I noticed that my face was smooth and those tiny wrinkles were somehow less visible. So, the cream is not oily and the skin is very velvety soft all day.

In conclusion, I was expecting a lot from this day cream and I got a lot. I am extremely pleased with the softness it provides during the day. Bravo Nivea.👌👌

If you are interested in how to keep your face in good condition take a look at this post. Have you already tried creams or serums with vitamin C? Leave a comment below.

P.S. Before use, do a small allergy test

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  1. Hey Didi✨ now you got me with this review because I love Nivea and when you said less visible wrinkles you got me! Now if I see this product where I live I will definitely grab it. Thank you.

    Happy Valentine’s Day🌹

    1. A review for Nivea anti-wrinkle night cream will be published soon too. Happy Valentine’s Day, I hope you have a good time ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

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