Aussie SOS 3 Minute Miracle Review

Aussie SOS 3 Minute Miracle, with a blend of super fruits, and with hemp seed extract.

Deep treatment-yes please👌. I love when hair and miracle are in the same sentence. And of course, I also fall for it when it says that in just 3 minutes you can have a miracle. Joke aside, I heard about this brand a long time ago, even before I opened the blog I used their shampoo.

SOS 3 minute miracle

Like I said I like to try miracles (the link to one of the miracles I tried is here).

These two treatments caught my attention right away. And since I couldn’t decide which one to buy, I bought both.🤷‍♀️ 

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Aussie SOS 3 Minute Miracle

1.Aussie SOS 3 Minute Miracle With Australian Super Fruits

Aussie miracle treatment
  •  firstly, this is the ultimate nourishing hair treatment
  •  secondly, is for dry, damaged, and dull hair
  •  for real hair emergencies
  •  above all, restores and revives
  •  damage repair
Aussie with super fruits

How To Use:

  • apply a generous amount of product to the hair
  • working through the lengths
  • wait 3 minutes
  • rinse


The purple bottle is simply enticing. Further, treatment has an amazing scent. So it smells like berries, like forest berries. The smell on the hair stays throughout the day.

The product is thicker, easy to apply on hair. It is also easy to rinse off, and the scent of berries tickles your senses all the time. In short, the hair is soft and smooth after the treatment.

2.With Hemp Seed Extract

Miracle with hemp seed oil
  • soothing and nourishing Australian hemp seed oil 
  • this anti-frizz product will leave your hair feeling so smooth
  • in addition, for frizzy hair that needs to chill
  • keeps unruly hair in its place
Aussie SOS

How To Use:

  • apply to wet hair
  • working through the lengths
  • wait 3 minutes
  • rinse


The product attracted me because it contains hemp seed extract. So my experiences with that have proven to be very good. A link to some of the hemp seed products I tried you can found here and here.

This hemp seed treatment is quite fluid. I recommend that you first dry your hair a little with a towel and then apply the treatment. If the hair is too wet, the product doesn`t have the same effect.

It smells really nice although I can’t say exactly what it smells like.

I don’t have a problem with frizzy hair so I will forward it to my sisters and do an update. But I can say that like the first one it makes the hair really soft.


I have to say one thing. Don’t rush. What do I mean by that? The first time I used one of these treatments I was really in a hurry. So I left the treatment on for just a minute and it didn’t have a 100% effect.

Sos 3 minutes

The second time I held a full three minutes, maybe even longer, and believe me there is a huge difference … So my dears take time to care for your hair.

I am very happy with these products, I recommend them to everyone. Product – Portable Wireless Automatic Curling Iron Hair Curler USB Rechargeable for LCD Display Curly Machine with 1 Comb+2pc Clips

13 responses to “Aussie SOS 3 Minute Miracle Review”

  1. I am a huge fan of the Aussie’s deep treatment and also use the detangler spray. i haven’t tried yet the hemp one, but I will keep it in my list after reading this. Thanks for sharing x

  2. I have tried one line from Aussie because few years back this brand was really hyped everywhere on the interned. I bought the whole line (shampoo, conditioned and the 3 minute mask) but they were such a disappointment to me. The shampoo smelled ok, the conditioner okish but that mask required a lot of getting used to. I thought it was worth it because I thought it will be great product. Turned out they were over-hyped for nothing…at least that line and for my taste.

    I must say, that purple color of the 3 minute mask really peaks my interest 😀

    • I also bought shampoo, but I was thrilled by these 3 minute masks. The thing is that they need to be kept on the hair for 3 minutes to see the full effect. This purple one smells wonderful. 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗

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