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Eveline Gel Nail Polish for Shiny Manicure Effect.

I was visiting relatives and of course, I brought bags and bags of clothes. Every woman will understand me in this. When you go somewhere, you always miss that piece of clothing you left at home. So I took everything.

What I forgot to bring was my UV / LED lamp.😱

If you don’t know which one I’m currently using, I’ll leave a link here so feel free to take a look.

The worst thing for me is when I apply nail polish and have to wait for hours for it to dry. So I decided to look for a nail polish that dries very quickly. And I found a nail polish I had never tried. I have only recently used products from Eveline Cosmetics, so I decided to give this product a chance.

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Eveline Gel Nail Polish Fast Dry

  • make a beautiful manicure with a gel effect
  • you do not need a UV / LED lamp
  •  stays on nails for a long time
  • vegan friendly

I bought two shades, purple and I think the other color is peach🤔🤔🤔🤔. I don’t know exactly but let’s call it peach color🤷‍♀️. If you think I made a mistake correct me below in the comments.

Peach nail polish

It’s pretty thick. That’s the first thing I noticed. There is no need to apply it twice. It’s so thick I thought there was no way this could dry out on its own. To my surprise, Eveline Gel Nail Polish dried pretty quickly.  

Purple nail polish

This nail polish is not so thick. It is easy to apply and in my opinion, it is nicer when you apply two coats. Don’t be afraid to apply two coats as it dries quickly. The big plus is that this shade is very beautiful.❤


For Eveline Gel Nail Polish you don’t need a nail lamp. This is true as it dries very quickly. And it comes off the nails very easily. It stays on the nails for a long time but not for 7 days. It stays on your nails for 4-5 days, it all depends on what you do. 

Now in my opinion don’t apply a top coat. I normally put on a base coat and then a top coat. But this nail polish dries the fastest when there is no top coat. ( It’s just my opinion).

I am quite happy with this product. If you do not have a nail lamp or you forgot to take it with you, it is good to have these polishes as an alternative.

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