Flowers Cleansing Gel L’Oreal Paris Review

Flowers Cleansing Gel L’Oreal Paris is a cleansing wash for dry and sensitive skin.

Another interesting product that I could hardly wait to try. Facial cleansing is extremely important. I have already written about some cleaning products that you can check out here and here.

The product we are going to talk about today is L’Oreal Paris Rare Flowers Cleansing Gel Cream. This is the first time I have used this cleansing gel.

Flowers Cleansing Gel L’Oreal Paris

One more thing, I’m not crazy about the smell of roses. I mean I like the scent of a rose on a flower but in cosmetics, not really. 

And the most interesting thing is that lately everything is something with the scent of roses. But that doesn’t stop me from buying the product. However, I often think that I will not like the product and in the end, I like it and vice versa. Does that ever happen to you? Leave a comment below.

One more thing, this is not a sponsored post.

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Cellular Repair Oil Complex Organic (Size 4oz) – $39.00
from: Skin Beauty Solutions

Flowers Cleansing Gel L’Oreal Paris

  • for dry and sensitive skin
  • in addition, skin is cleansed and free from impurities
  • it cleanses, soothes, and softens
  • moreover, combined extracts of Rose and Jasmine Flowers for soft, comfortable, and fresh skin, every day
  • Rose is known for its soothing and comforting properties
  • Jasmine renowned for its protecting and moisturizing properties

How To Use:

  • morning and evening
  • apply to wet skin and massage delicately on the face and neck, using circular motions
  • rinse with warm water

P.S. do a small allergy test before use.


The look of this product is beautiful and delicate, with a rose petal.

So, the gel is easy to apply and spread on the face. The smell of this product is not too intense. It smells light, really light. Even that rose is not so intense, I just expected to hate that scent, but on the contrary, I like it.

Remember what I told you at the beginning. Sometimes we think we’re not going to like something and then we’re surprised when we like it.

I expected a little more because this is a gel for dry skin. And after this gel, my skin has a feeling of tightness. After this, I had to apply a lot of face cream.

So, I would give this product a rating of three out of five. It cleans the skin very well, is easy to apply, and easy to rinse. Further, I just don’t like that my skin is drier after this and requires a lot of moisture.

Cleansing Gel

Just to explain what my skin is like. It is normal in summer, but in winter I have to apply more moisture because the cold does its thing. 

So I use this face cleanser just before bed. Not twice a day but once. That suits me best.

What are your habits before bed? Do you ever skip those habits and go to bed just like that? Leave a comment below.

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  1. This product is perhaps still not available in my country..I need to check though.. lately I have made some changes in my skin care routine..which includes mainly K beauty straps along with ayurvedic plant based skin care…night time routine is very important for me.. but I know I can’t do elaborated steps every night..hence have divided 1 day full on 6-7 steps..2- days 3-4 steps..2-3 days 2-3 steps…CTM is a must for me

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