Nourishing Goat`s Milk Cream By Eveline Cosmetics

Nourishing Goat`s Milk Cream is intensely regenerating and nourishing day and night cream.

I am constantly tempted by goat’s milk creams. I don’t know why? Maybe because lately, I keep seeing this kind of cream. But I have to admit that my sister hooked me on this brand. I tried Eveline cosmetics for the first time recently. If you haven’t seen that post, here’s the link so check it out.

Goat`s milk cream

I always like to try multiple products of one brand, and my sister is persistent too. So on her recommendation, I bought Nourishing Goat`s Milk Cream. 

She didn’t have to persuade me for a long time because I never have enough skin products. It’s a big plus for me that I have a blog. When something new comes out, I tell myself “so you have to buy it to make a review”.I mean not for myself but for you my dear readers.😅😅😅😅

Just to note that this is not a sponsored post.

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Nourishing Goat`s Milk Cream

What’s this all about:

  • intensely regenerating and nourishing day and night cream
  • ultra-rich regenerating formula
  • provides 24-hour deep moisture 
  • smoothes the appearance of the deepest wrinkles on your face, neck, and chest
  • for younger-looking, healthy skin
Eveline Cosmetics
  •  is an innovative combination of natural and technologically advanced ingredients
  • specially selected for the needs of dry and very dry skin
  • enriched with 6 active moisturizing ingredients (hyaluronic acid, vitamin A, urea, d-panthenol, allantoin, vitamin F)
  •  protects the epidermis
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As for the packaging itself, it is quite simple. This box is decorated with a goat in the middle, which I like.

The cream is protected by a metal lid, which I think is very good. So you know no one opened the cream. The cream has a light scent, a scent like most face creams. It’s not too aggressive. 

Nourishing Day And Night Cream
For Younger-Looking, Healthy Skin

The texture of the cream is light, easy to apply to the skin. I also noticed that the product is quickly absorbed into the skin. So if you apply it before bed your face will not stick to the pillow. This cream leaves the skin soft, smooth, hydrating, not greasy.

This can be used by people with normal, dry, and very dry skin. I also put it on my elbows because it is very hydrating. I think I will become a big fan of Eveline Cosmetics. So, I hope you try this cream and enjoy it as much as I do.

And if you want smooth skin without annoying hairs that keep coming back I will leave a link here.  Each cream absorbs better on the skin without annoying hairs. Do you agree with me? If you have any suggestions feel free to leave a comment below. Have you ever tried Eveline Cosmetics products? 

Just to note that I am not an expert and these are just my thoughts. Make a small allergy test before putting anything on your skin.

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