Schwarzkopf Palette Anti-Yellow Spray

Schwarzkopf Palette Anti-Yellow Spray is a purple spray for blonde hair.

I have been enjoying my hair color since I changed it. Although red hair color has its charms I somehow find myself more like a blonde.😉Blonde hair also gives me opportunities to try purple shampoos and sprays. 

You can find the first purple shampoo I tried here, click here. It really was my first experience with products like this.

Now I have given a chance to this hair spray. I must first mention that I read a bad review about this. I decided to give it a chance anyway, and why might you be wondering? 

Schwarzkopf Palette Anti-Yellow Spray

The answer is that sometimes opinions differ, not only opinions but also hair types. Someone has a more intense yellow on their hair someone lighter and so on, so the reviews can be different too.

I tried to photograph everything for you as credibly as possible so that you could come to your conclusion. And if you are interested in other hair care products, you can find them here.

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Schwarzkopf Palette Anti-Yellow Spray

What’s this all about:

  • quickly remove yellow tones from your hair
  • gives a radiant shine to blonde hair
  • neutralizes yellow tones
Anti-Yellow Spray
Neutralizes Yellow Tones

How To Use:

  • shake well
  • spray on dry or towel-dried hair

P.S.Make a small allergy test before use.


The look of the product itself as you can see is quite ordinary. There is a purple liquid inside. At first, I didn’t realize that the liquid was shining. It shines so beautifully. I tried to take a picture of it, but I didn’t succeed. (I hope you can see at least a little of what I mean.)

In short our products are handmade with love and care to help you achieve your healthiest and strongest skin, hair, and scalp environment.

The scent of this spray is quite intense at first but does not stay too long in the hair. In fact, when I applied it to dry hair, the scent lasted much longer. When sprayed on wet hair the smell evaporates quickly.

I tried spraying the product on dry hair and it didn’t suit me. My hair was weird and I didn’t see any effect. I’ll leave you pictures below…

Then I tried it on wet hair. I have to say I saw quite a big change. I got lighter tones in my hair. As you can see in the pictures a visible change.

Further, what impresses me is that the spray doesn’t leave my hair oily,and I spray a fair amount. I spray everywhere near the scalp, along the length of the hair…

So,does this spray totally bleach your hair? Well no. But does it give your blonde hair some new dimension? Well yes. 

Palette Anti-Yellow Spray

I use this spray every time after washing my hair and will continue to use it.

So what do you think? Leave a comment below.

Just to note that I am not an expert and these are just my thoughts and impressions. Product – PURC No Yellow Blonde Hair Shampoo Anti Brass Off Purple Shampoo Ulta Beauty Care Shiny Hair Color Dyed Treatment 100ml

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