Gel Lip Liner Perfect Pout Review

Gel Lip Liner Perfect Pout delivers never-ending color.

Lately, I’ve been trying to try out brands I’ve never used before. And not only brands but also products.

Wet n Wild is one of the brands I haven’t tried yet. That’s why I’m especially glad I bought these lip liners from them. By the way, I mostly use lipsticks and glosses. Here you can see the red lipsticks and glosses I wrote about.

Lip liner smooth, flawless application

I would just like to remind you that before applying makeup, it would be good to exfoliate your lips. No lipstick or liner or gloss will look good if your lips are cracked and full of dead cells. For exfoliation, you can find wonderful scrubs here or you can make DIY recipes yourself.

And now that our lips are ready, let’s take a look at these liners that sound and look good.

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Gel Lip Liner Perfect Pout

What’s this all about:

  • made with a special polymer formula and ester complex
  •  it glides onto lips and leaves lasting color
  • wear alone or under lipstick
  • smooth, flawless application
  • no tugging and no dragging

I bought two shades of gel lip liner, one is I got the juice and the other is Think Flamingos.

I got the juice

Firstly, this is a really nice shade. I like that when you apply it looks dark but it’s not really that dark. It stays on the lips for quite a long time. And what I liked the most, when I drink coffee, there are no lip prints left on the cup. Thumbs up.👍👍👍

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Think Flamingos

This is a much lighter shade than this previous one. Although I like darker shades this is great for the daytime variant. The lips look natural with a gentle pink color. Although it looks bright don’t worry your lips look beautiful with this liner.


In short, this Lip Liner glides really easily onto lips, I love that. So, I really like the shades I chose and I am very satisfied. It is very important to me when I can fix the liner without leaving stains on my face. Do you know what I mean?

I’m not a professional makeup artist, and I don’t even have a steady hand. It often happens to me that the line I draw is not straight, but goes over my lips. So I like liners that I can fix and not the ones that can’t be erased no matter how much you rub.

I like both colors and I hope you will give them a chance.

P.S.I have to mention that this is not a sponsored post. All thoughts are mine and only mine.

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  1. That lighter shade has my name on it. I line my lips every day and I am always looking for a nice natural shade to wear. I love definition you get from wearing a liner, even if it’s a nude one.

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