Garnier Fructis Sos Repair 10 In 1 Review

Garnier Fructis Sos Repair 10 In 1 is all in one leave-in innovative cream.

Well, I tried everything for hair. I tried masks, creams, oil treatments. And surely you are too.

And this time it seems to me that Garnier has gone a step further. Why do I say that? Well because we saw everything from 3 in one, two in one but now this brand has surprised us with 10 in one.😱😱Yes, you heard right. All-in-one hair cream 10 in 1.

So let’s see what 10 in one means, what is in this interesting product treatment.

Garnier Fructis Sos Repair 10 In 1

P.S.If you haven’t seen the posts about hair products here I will leave you a link so you can take a look. ( Moisturizing hair masks and Masks for damaged hair)

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Garnier Fructis Sos Repair 10 In 1

Garnier Fructis Sos Repair 10 In 1

What’s this all about:

  • smooths
  • repairs
  • intensely nourishes
  • anti damage
  • anti-breakage
  • strengthens
  • no weight down
  • heat protection up to 230 C
  • adds softness
  • adds shine
  • provides fast and efficient care
  • cream enriched with liquid amino keratin and amla oil
  •  liquid amino keratin fills the damaged areas and smooths the surface of the hair
  • amla fruit extract has powerful restorative and protective properties

How To Use:

  • apply to wet or dry hair
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Firstly, the product is quite large,400ml. I was immediately impressed with the quantity, I have to admit. And the packaging attracts with its orange color.

At the top is a pump, which I also love. You don’t have to tilt and shake the product to come out. Just put one hand under it and squeeze the pump with the other and that’s it. The cream is firm, but not too firm, it is easily applied to the hair.

Secondly, the smell of this product is wonderful. It reminds me of fruit, fruit punch, or something like that … That scent lingers in my hair for a while which is wonderful.

After this treatment, the hair is soft and shiny, smells good, and is not heavy.

As I said in one of my posts, I lightened my hair a lot. So my hair needs something like this. Something I can put on the ends of my hair while my hair is dry and not wet.

A big plus is that your hair is not greasy after this product. There are currently three of us in the house. All three of us have different hair types, and this suits us all.In conclusion, as you can see I am very happy with this hair cream and would recommend it to everyone.

Remember hair is beautiful only when it is healthy. So take care of your hair. For instance you can use oils, creams, masks. Or make something at home. Here is a link to a couple of recipes, as a bonus.😉😉 Banana and honey mask and Egg and olive oil mask.

However, before you put anything on your hair, don’t forget to do a little allergy test.

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  1. I think my hair just spoke, asking me to get this😂 great review!

    1. Didi says:

      😄😄😄😄 That’s what I said when I saw the commercial on TV “It’s mine,it’s mine I have to have it😅😅😅”.

      1. My goodness 😂! Now it’s literally yours!!

  2. What I used to enjoy about Garnier hair care products was the’s really nice. Haven’t tried anything from Garnier in a looong time🌻

    1. Didi says:

      I am really pleasantly surprised at how this smells and the product itself is very very good. I haven’t tried Garnier hair products in a long time either, but when I saw 10 in one I had to have it🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

      1. Now I want to try Garnier products😁 thank you for the review!

      2. Didi says:

        Thank you for reading 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

      3. No problem💕 really liked the post! X

  3. Leif Price says:

    Great review!

    1. Didi says:


  4. Bushra Rizvi says:

    hi..dear tell me it that conditioner and a mask ? I’m confused how to use it ? please tell me it would be glade..thanks 😊.. my e Mail add

    1. Didi says:

      It’s a leave in cream. After washing your hair and drying it a bit with a towel, apply this cream on the hair.

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