Intense Body Lotion Barnängen Review

Intense body lotion Barnängen is a lotion for very dry skin.

A lot of you have problems with dry or very dry skin. Sometimes even those of us who do not have such problems find ourselves with dry elbows, dry skin, etc…

Due to the lack of water, the change of weather, the way of life our skin changes as well. You may not notice it, but I notice it on my skin. And that’s why I decided to try this interesting lotion. 

I have never bought this skincare brand before. And since I love trying new things, I was really happy about this lotion.

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Intense body lotion Barnängen

What’s this all about:

  •  provide deep hydration
  • easily absorbed
  • with Wild Rose Oil and 7% Cold Cream
  • perfectly balanced, inspired by Sweden
  • blend of white jasmine and ylang-ylang
  •  moisturizing and protective properties
  • without silicones
  • vegan
  • 95% ingredients of Natural Origin

How To Use:

  • apply the amount you need to your skin (the amount depends on how dry your skin is)
  • massage in circular motions
  • allow it to absorb


The packaging is quite simple and simply white. There is a pump on the lotion, for easier use. By the way, I love those lotion pumps. It makes things easier.

The scent is mild, floral. It’s very mild, in my opinion. So all of you who don’t like intense scents (I know there are a lot of you like this) this is the product for you.

Easy to apply and quickly absorbed, only a slight scent of a flower remains on the skin. 

I’m surprised I haven’t heard of this brand before because the lotion is great. My sister has been using it longer than me, she is very happy with it. She used it even after sunbathing.

After this lotion, as a result, you will feel how your skin is soft as velvet. Above all, we all love soft and smooth skin, right?

So my dear ones, I warmly recommend this lotion to you.👌👌👌 Product – Cleansing Brush Sonic Face Spin Brush Set Spa System For Deep Cleaning Remove Blackhead Machine Massage Skin Care

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  1. Vinn says:

    I’m using this for several months! Great product!

    1. Didi says:

      Yeah,it really is. I was really pleasantly surprised🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗

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