Essence Volumizing Mascara Go Big Review

Essence Volumizing Mascara is one of the products I use most often,go big people right.

Essence Volumizing Mascara

When I have no energy to apply some more makeup in other words when I’m rushing to the grocery store, mascara is always there to save the day. For instance, a couple of moves and that’s it I’m ready for the rest of the day.

Because I use it often, I like to try different brands.  To clarify I think a cheaper product can be just as good as an expensive one.

Go Big for today. We have Essence What the fake! and I need a miracle!

Essence What the fake!

What’s this all about:

  1. mascara with fake volume
  2. length effects, go big
  3. enriched with nylon fibers 
  4. lashes looking incredibly thicker and longer
Mascara With Fake Volume
Essence Mascara


 However, even though I like the intensity of the black and how beautiful it looks on the lashes, the brush is not to my liking.

I always prefer a slightly thicker brush because it applies the mascara more nicely but that’s just me. You can apply a few coats of this and it would make eyelashes visually longer. It doesn’t smudge onto the skin.

Essence I need a miracle!

Essence I need Miracle

What’s this all about:

  • for miracle volume
  • added strength and tint for your lashes with every stroke
  • ophthalmologically approved
For Miracle Volume
Mascara Essence


This mascara gives you more volume and  most importantly, a better brush. It is easy to apply and if you apply more layers it doesn’t clump on your lashes.

I love this mascara and I actually bought it first and used it for 3 weeks then I decided to buy Essence what the fake!.
Above all,it doesn’t smudge onto the skin.

Overall impression

Even though the price is quite small, these Essence mascaras are really good, in other words,can easily compete with more expensive products.

Intense color-yes, volume-yes, density-yes, in addition holds up well throughout the day, easy to remove, separates eyelashes very well. If you like a slimmer brush What the fake! is the product for you and if you like a thicker brush then choose I need a miracle.

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