Catrice Gold And With Acai Oil Nail Polish Colors

Catrice Gold And With shine baby, shine…it’s the end of the week and we’re ready for a little sparkle and nail polish.

I don’t know what kind of weather you have, but it’s gloomy, rainy and cold here. I have a hard time coping with bad weather,therefore I need to invest a lot of energy to function and in addition, I need to drink a lot of coffee.

Gold And With Acai Oil Nail Polish Colors

And so I decided to treat myself with new polishes, in other words, new shiny polishes.
When there is no sun, a good glossy polish will help brighten my day, right?

This time I bought Catrice gold and one with acai oil nail polish.

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Catrice gold-05 Magnificent Feast

Catrice Gold And With

What’s this all about:

  • High coverage
  • Light-reflecting with a glossy finish
  • Luxurious, shimmering nail polish
  • The application is extremely easy
  • apply two coats for better effect
  • Vegan
Gold Nail Polish

The interesting thing about this polish is that when I applied one coat it was already thick and shiny. I immediately saw that rich gold color and gloss of this. Very glamorous and above all rich in color.

Catrice Gold Nail Polish

Acai oil infused-81 Metal speaks louder than words

Catrice Silver Nail Polish

What’s this all about:

  • enriched with acai oil, which provides care for natural nails and an intense color
  • for perfect gel gloss and maximum durability
  • It is very easy to apply
  • lasts up to 7 days
  • for a perfect manicure, apply two coats
Perfect Gel Gloss

I am very happy that I bought this nail polish.For instance, it often happened that I bought metallic polish but it wasn’t as rich as this one. The gloss and texture of this nail polish are simply amazing.

Nail Polish


Yes, yes and yes. I found everything I expected from nail polish in these two polishes. High gloss, density, glamor, dries quickly and you don’t even need a top coat.

I bought this one just in time because tomorrow is our anniversary. Yes, my husband and I have been together for 10 years.

Tomorrow I will gladly put on this nail polish and it doesn’t matter if there is no sun, my polish will shine enough that I won’t even notice the gloomy weather.

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