Orange And Honey Scrub DIY

Orange And Honey Scrub homemade and super easy. Last month I wrote about oranges. I wrote that oranges are healthy for our beauty on the outside and the inside. Today we have a scrub.

This month I will continue with this topic and I will try to find as many recipes as possible that include this wonderful fruit.

Most importantly, this fruit is available year-round while combined with other ingredients, this scrub will help your skin stay beautiful and healthy.

Orange And Honey Scrub

Honey is naturally antibacterial, it opens up pores making them easy to unclog. Honey is moisturizing and soothing and great for acne treatment and prevention. With anti-inflammatory properties can help with skin issues, such as acne.

Orange is packed with Vitamin C and it’s one of the most important antioxidants found in these fruits. More about oranges can be found here Oranges for beauty

Sugar- Although sugar is considered an unhealthy food it is excellent in DIY recipes, it fights skin aging and helps to free ingrown hairs. Exfoliate and smooth your skin.

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Orange And Honey Scrub


  1. 3tb orange juice
  2. 1 cup sugar (whichever you prefer brown or white)
  3. 1tb honey

How to use:

  • mix all well
  • scrub on your face, body, neck
  • use once or twice a week depends on how sensitive your skin is
Body Scrub

This scrub exfoliates and removes dead skin cells, sweat, dust, blackheads from the pores, provides smooth, clean and clear skin. It’s suitable for all skin types. Massage it in circular motions.

Moisturizes, Protects and Nurtures Dry Skin. Rejuvenates skin with Vitamin E and Organic Rosemary Oil
Multi-Purpose Ointment – Lip Tube – 3 Piece – $20.97
from: Waxelene, Inc.


So this is a very nice gift that you could give to yourself. Something that will show how much you love your skin and your health.

I really enjoyed this scrub especially because you can apply it to your whole body and face.
Ingredients are mixed very quickly and the smell of orange is simply divine. You can make this scrub for yourself or as a gift for someone else.

Honey And Orange DIY

One more thing if you are allergic to one of these ingredients do not use this peeling.

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