Born Pretty Thermal Top Coat nail polish

My sister constantly mentions this brand and their products so she let me try this nail polish Top Coat that changes color.

I like the thought that I can always have a different shade of nail polish top coat when the temperature changes.

So far I have never tried polishes like this one so I was very excited to try it as soon as possible.

My hands are always cold so I was afraid that in this case, I would always have the same shade, but I can always put my hands under hot water, right?

Born Pretty thermal top coat

What’s this all about:

  • color changing top coat
  • can be applied on any dark base color
  • when the weather is cool- it becomes dark black
  • when the weather is hot-it becomes bright with a nice sparkle
  • it dries quickly


Ok, so this polish reminded me that I am still a child at heart.
Why? Because I’ve been playing around with it for at least two hours. I only put this polish so you can see the change better.

I love this kind of stuff and I will definitely use this polish in the future.
When you put it under cold water, it darkens, very quickly and brightens quickly under hot water. Every time I go to the bathroom I play with this, first warm then cold, warm then cold.

So you can see why this product has awakened a child in me.

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