Catrice Plumping Lipstick Gel Review

This time I decided to try Catrice Plumping Lipstick Gel. I need some shine, color, and softness,that is to say, this is exactly what I need.

This Catrice lipstick Gel collection sounded very appealing to me.

And I have to admit that the person in me who longs for nice things said “yes,yes buy it”.
Currently, I use lip balms and serums mostly because of the dryness of the air so the matte lipsticks are out of the question.

There are 12 shades in this collection:  Don’t be shy 120, My lips! My rules! 010, My lip choice 020, Speak up! 030, Confidence code 040, Strong is the new pretty 050, For the brave 070, Feminista 080, The future is femme 090, Game changer 100, I am the power 110, The way I am 130.

Plumping Gel Lipstick

Lipstick gel texture

What’s this all about:

  • With moisturizing hyaluronic acid
  • Gel texture
  • gel texture feels pleasantly light
  • high-gloss lipsticks smoothen the lips

A little advice

It’s best to paint the lips with a lip brush,Β to clarify use a brush to capture the color and fill out the lips evenly within the pre-drawn line.


The lipstick design is really nice with this black and gold look it looks elegant.

The great color and texture of these lipsticks are definitely a plus,  most importantly, on winter days. Due to its glossy texture, it’s easy to apply on lips. When it’s cold my lips are dry so I take great care of what products I use and these lipsticks are a full hit.

Because of their glossy texture, you can’t expect them to last long but in this case, it doesn’t bother me at all.

I just have to mention that these lipsticks have a really nice, not too intense scent.

In conclusion,it`s definitely worth a try.

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