Nivea Volume Forming Spray

Nivea Volume Forming Spray is something worth talking about.

Nivea Volume Forming Spray

I go through those days when you can`t style your hair. Whatever I do I don’t like it. I know I need a haircut but until I get to my hairdresser I need to find a product that will give me some volume. And volume is not the only issue. So I really need help with my hair. Sometimes it is simply unruly.

I am not an expert, and these are my thoughts. The site contains links for affiliate marketing.

Nivea Volume Forming Spray

What’s this all about: 

  • keeps your style in place
  • instant volume
  • firm hold
  • further, does not weigh hair down
  • in addition, keeps hair flexible
  • 0%alcohol
Nivea volume

How to use:

  1. shake well
  2. spray onto dry hair from 30 cm distance

You can also buy Curl and Straight forming spray.

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I really like the packaging. It looks simple but elegant. You can’t go wrong with white and turquoise. Plus, this packaging is a bit different from the classic Nivea. So when you apply Nivea onto your hair, your hair becomes quite wet.

At first, I didn’t know what to do while my hair was wet so I just waited for it to dry. When the hair was dry the volume was apparent.

The second time I put my head down and sprayed all over my hair. The volume that this spray provides is amazing.

24 h flexible hold

This is a good product when you need to get your hair done quickly.
Or you can just spray and massage your scalp and your hair will come to life with more volume.

Nivea is a brand that I love very much and I buy often. They didn’t disappoint me this time either. I will definitely buy this again. What do you like most about their products? Leave a comment below.

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