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Cool Mint Colgate Plax is something that people write very little about.

Cool Mint Colgate Plax

Today we’re going to talk about fresh breath. So far I haven’t written much about mouth and tooth products but I decided I had to write about this one.

I used to buy products that are so strong that afterward, you don’t feel the taste in your mouth for hours.

I am not an expert, and these are my thoughts. The site contains links for affiliate marketing.

Cool Mint Colgate Plax

What’s this all about:

  • Cool Mint Colgate Plax kills 99% of germs
  • gives you 24/7 plaque protection when used twice daily
  • further, the cooling sensation that lasts 10x longer
  •  for a healthier, fresher mouth
  • zero alcohol
Zero alcohol


  1. Fill cap to the line (20ml)
  2. Rinse mouth thoroughly for 30 seconds
  3.  then spit out


Firstly something about packaging. I really like this blue color of mouthwash. It looks tempting and refreshing. There are 500ml of product here, which is a very good amount.

I love, love, love this product. Further the taste is really cool and fresh. The best part is that it doesn’t burn the tongue. There are those mouthwashes that you can’t hold in your mouth for 5 seconds, you have to spit them out immediately and rinse your mouth with water, thank god this is not such a product.

Colgate cooling sensation

Don’t get me wrong, even though it’s not extremely strong, it still gives freshness to your mouth and protects against bacteria and plaque very, very well. It refreshes the mouth but in that nice mild way. It often happens that after some products I don’t feel the taste for a long time. But Colgate restored my faith in mouthwashes.

In short, definitely my favorite product. And I’ll buy more to keep in stock.

I highly recommend this.

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