Color Riche L ‘Oréal Lipstick-review

Color Riche L ‘Oréal Lipstick are two products that we will try today.

I’m always on the lookout for new colors. I took the opportunity while the husband was ordering something for himself, and I quickly added some of my things to the basket. The conversation went something like this: Him-“what do you want?” Me-“just looking at something”(as I was saying it, I had already packed my stuff in the basket). Him (shakes his head)-“I have to admit you’re fast”.

Color Riche L ‘Oréal Lipstick

I bought the lipstick in two colors- 401 Fuschia Drama (it’s my favorite color) and 100 Mezzo Pink.

L ‘Oréal Paris Lipstick

  • a new generation of lipstick
  • richer than a regular lipstick
  • shinier than a gloss and smoother than a balm
  • color infused in light for hydrated lip perfection
  • the formula combines 3 types of oils for soft lips with intense, shiny color

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401 Fuschia Drama

I already said this is my favorite color so I was really looking forward to this lipstick. It is very thick, and the color is very intense. It lasts really long on the lips, does not stick.

So it has a kind of mild but nice smell.

I am very pleased with this lipstick, also the lips remain soft. During the day I often bite my lips and eat every lipstick I put on, but this one stays on the lips for a long time, and when the shine disappears the color is still visible.
I highly recommend this product. I was not disappointed.

100 Mezzo Pink

Well, this lipstick is hmmmmm…how do I explain it. I was expecting a stronger pink color, more intense and what I got was just not (for my taste) good enough. Maybe some of you like a softer pink color lipstick, but I don’t.(actually not so much that I don’t like soft pink but I expected more from this lipstick.)

You can see in the first picture how the lipstick Fuschia is pigmented, beautiful and shiny.

And Mezzo Pink it`s barely visible, the shine is there but the pigment is weak.


All in all, I’m not disappointed. I got one beautiful lipstick that stands out, and another that I can put on when I want a more natural look.

Which one do you like?

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The page contains affiliate marketing, which means if you buy something I’ll get a small commission.

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  1. I’ve never tried these lipsticks but I really should! They’re affordable and they look beautiful. By the way you have really pretty lips!

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