Calming Face Mask Cucumber And Milk DIY

Calming Face Mask Cucumber for cooling effect.

I love face masks, they calm me down and when I put them on, I close my eyes, it’s a moment just for me. A moment that allows me to relax and enjoy the moment. So, everything else can wait, it’s just me and my face mask (and coffee, I love loooovvveee coffee, here you can find a wonderful coffee scrub … click here … ).

Calming Face Mask Cucumber And Milk

Last week I couldn’t sleep at all. I would wake up in the middle of the night and that’s it. Sleep problems leave a mark on your face like dark circles or puffy eyes.

I knew it was time for a Calming Face Mask.When I saw my face in the morning after another sleepless night.

This time I chose nothing complicated, two great ingredients, you can easily find them in the store and they are not expensive- MILK and CUCUMBER.

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Calming Milk and cucumber face mask

What’s this all about:

Milk– firstly, lauric acid and nutrients present in milk calm your swollen eyes
-secondly, reduces the water retention around the eyes
-produces a cooling effect

Cucumber-controls puffiness
-Reduces Dark Circles, presence of antioxidants and silica in cucumber can help slow down dark circles
                    -helps in hydrating your eyes and the skin around
                   - helps in toning down under-eye bags

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How to make:

  • One small cucumber
  • One tablespoon milk

How to use:

  • firstly, blend the cucumber and the milk into a thick paste
  • secondly, apply the mask onto your face
  • further, massage under your eyes
  • live it on for 30 minutes 
  • wash off the mask with lukewarm water

In addition a little advice- leave the mixture in the refrigerator for ten minutes, cold will calm puffiness around the eyes.

Calming Face Mask

Above all, this mask is very good and practical. Not only does it reduce the puffiness of your face, but in those 30 minutes, you will enjoy the fresh scent of cucumber. If you are tired, or just want to make a small home spa day make yourself a cucumber and milk mask and enjoy 30 minutes in peace. So, let those minutes be just for you and your mind.
Your face needs it, you need it everyone needs a day for themselves and relaxation. In any case, I felt better.

How do you relax? Leave a comment.

Just one more thing if you are allergic to milk or cucumber do not use this mask.

Calming DIY Mask

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  1. Thanks so very much! I am a single mom and my money always tight , so I can’t afford to buy things for myself. I can however afford this ! 💖😘

    1. I’m glad you like it. You can find a lot of DIY projects here. Plus you can even put this mixture in an ice mold and freeze. Take one cube in the morning and massage your face with it. ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

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