Dream Length Heat Mask L’Oreal Elvive-Review

Dream Length Heat Mask L’Oreal Elvive is a product that sounds and looks tempting.

Let me tell you something, I was looking forward to this all week.
This summer my sister told me about this product and that she wants to try it so I bought it for here without trying it myself.

Dream Length Heat Mask

When I was visiting her we talked a bit about this so my interest in this mask grew minute by minute. And why did the mask interest me, you wonder?

Weeeellllll…..because I’ve never heard of a SELF-HEATING TISSUE CAP before, have you?

(No one paid me to advertise this product. There is affiliate marketing on the site, which means if you buy something from the link I get a small commission.)

Dream Length Heat Mask L’Oreal Elvive

What’s this all about:

-balm enriched with vegetal protein & castor oil and leaves the hair feeling nourished
-a tissue cap infused with a self-heating lotion
-for intense care, activated by heat
-for long, damaged hair
-nourished lengths and tips with conditioning ingredients

Intense Care, Activated By Heat

How to use it:

  1. Open section 1 (intensive balm)
  2. Apply the balm onto hair that has been shampooed, towel-dried and brushed
  3. Open section 2 (tissue cap)
  4. Wrap your hair on top of your head, put the tissue cap on and gently massage your scalp (before putting the tissue cap on, brush your hair to ensure the balm is applied evenly)
  5. Leave the cap on for 10 mins
  6. Remove cap and rinse hair thoroughly


Oh my God, this smells so gooooood, I am in heaven. Smells like fruity bubble gum. Further, the cap is very oily and has no smell, the amount of balm is enough to cover long hair.

For long, damaged hair

When I put on the cap everything was fine until the oil started to drip down my neck and forehead so make sure you wrap a towel around your shoulder before putting on your cap. The other thing I noticed is that the cap started to heat up, not very hot but pleasantly warm.
When I rinsed it all off my hair the first thing I noticed was the smell.
I know I already get on your nerves with that but I can’t even tell you how good your hair smells after this mask, amazing. Hair is so soft, shiny, and easy to comb.
I am in love with this mask, I definitely recommend it.

What do you think about Self-heating tissue cap?

Tissue Cap

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