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“Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.”
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Yes, people, it’s that time of the month-PMS time. Everything is a disaster and so is my hair. I am at that time when I am on low energy, bad mood, and everything else that comes with PMS.
What bothers me most during this period is my hair which becomes lifeless, oily, just horrible, horrible.

Under normal circumstances, I wash my hair every third day but during this period I must wash it every day.

I think it’s not healthy to wash my hair every day so with that thought I decided to find some dry shampoo, not just any I was looking for the best selling one.

Batiste Dry Shampoo bright &lively

What’s this all about:

-removes oil
-quick refresh
-has a flowery mix of sweet jasmine, soft rose and water blossom, with undertones of peach nectar and juicy melon
-hair looks clean and fresh with added body and texture


How to use:

  • Shake it up
  • hold can 30cm/12in from dry hair and spray into your roots
  • massage Batiste into your hair


As I said at the beginning my goal is not to have to wash my hair every day during this period when my hair is very oily, so I didn’t expect any miracle from this dry shampoo.

I washed my hair before going to bed, in the morning I already noticed that there was a disaster on my head,it was a good time to try Batiste.

I photographed everything so that it could give you an idea of the situation.

Picture number 1you can see the condition of my hair – just bad
Picture number 2-I applied a large amount of spray on my scalp and hair

After the scalp massage, I was pleased with the result, the hair was lighter, the volume was there, and no white powder was visible.

But after an hour some of the texture was gone and I had “sad hair” again.

Picture number 3-an hour later
Picture number 4-applied the spray again, massaged the scalp and made a braid

In the end, I decided to spray it one more time and make a braid and that was the best solution.
Although I had to apply a large amount of spray I cannot say that I was disappointed with the product, I didn’t have to wash my hair that day, and that was the goal.
I just had one problem – the scalp was itching like crazy. I don’t know if it’s because of the large amount of spray or whatnot, but I scratch my scalp all day until I washed my hair.

Did you have problems after using dry shampoo?
Leave a comment I would love to hear your opinion.

All in all, Batiste is not a bad dry shampoo and I give it three stars out of five. Product – Dry shampoo Azalea

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  1. I’ve used Batiste in the past and it made my scalp itchy as well. I’ve read that dry shampoo is great to use before going to sleep to really allow your hair and scalp to absorb it. I’m still trying to find my go-to dry shampoo though.

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