Nivea Body Mousse Review

Nivea body mousse is a product I had to try.

I was very lazy while visiting my family I didn’t care much about my skin. After only a few days I realized that it was a very big mistake. I took some time to find some cream or oil or something.

And when I don’t know what to buy I always go back to the NIVEA and what I found was Nivea BODY MOUSSE.

I immediately thought – bingo. that’s it.

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NIVEA body mousse – nourishing, immediate absorption

Intense moisture serum and almond oil. For dry to very dry skin.

Intensively nourishes for noticeably smoother skin from the first application. Fast-absorbing mousse formula melts into the skin. Fast absorbing,paraben-free.

How to use:

  1. shake well before use
  2. hold up when dosing
  3. Apply daily to the entire body

Of course, I went to their site and read about it:

“For the first time, NIVEA has captured its caring Almond Oil and NIVEA Deep Moisture Serum in a creamy yet light body mousse – providing intensive moisturizing care whilst being so easy to apply and fast-absorbing. For 48 hours deep* moisture with no sticky skin feel. *upper layer of the epidermis.”

It sounds good.


It is easy to squeeze out and you have a really nice foam texture in your hand. Very easy to apply to the skin and smear and absorbs nicely. I was afraid it will be too oily but it wasn’t in fact if you have very dry skin this will not be enough for you because to me this seems to be more for normal skin. The smell is typical for Nivea.

All in all, I’m very happy with the product.

I haven’t found anything negative and will probably use it in the future.

Thumbs up.

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