Horse shampoo Mane ´n Tail – Review

Shampoo for horses and humans,whaaaat????? …..

In Spring many of us have hair loss problems. I read in a lot of newspapers and magazines that it is normal for that part of the year.

“The main causes of the hair loss in the spring are the climatic conditions”-says the internet.

Anything up to 100 strands per day is called normal shedding. I didn’t count my fallen strands but one day my husband said to me ” buy something against hair loss because your hair is all over the floor”. So you don’t need to count anything if you have a husband or a boyfriend they will count for you. For some reason ,I waited until the end of May to do something.

Between a lot of products, I found very interesting shampoo-horse shampoo, and it’s not just for horses it’s for humans too.

Mane ´n Tail

Horse to human crossover shampoo

Description: The ORIGINAL horse to human crossover shampoo that helps to maintain and achieve fuller, stronger, longer, healthier-looking hair.

Benefits: -protein formula that leaves the hair soft and shiny
-provides cleansing action without stripping natural oils
-provide body, shine and manageability for healthy-looking hair every time you shampoo.

I am using it now for about 20 days and I must tell you people that I am thrilled with this shampoo.

After 20 days

My hair is shiny and looking fuller. But what excites me more than anything else is that after this shampoo my hair is not oily. I have no more problems with hair loss but I don’t know is it because of the shampoo or something else. I would recommend this product to everyone. You can see in the first picture that my hair is like a sad willow hahaha. After this shampoo, there is an obvious difference.

Did you try Mane´n Tail? Please let me know.

I would be happy to read your opinion.

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